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Buy Used Audio Books

To save money on your Audible membership you should also consider signing up for the Audible annual subscription. Just as you can save by buying other products in bulk, with Audible you will pay less when you prepay for your credits with the Audible annual plan. Currently, you will save $2.46 per credit ($29.90 per year) with the Audible Premium Plus Annual at $149.50 per year vs. the Audible Premium Plus plan at $14.95 per month. So if you want to listen to premium titles, the annual plan is the cheapest Audible plan (the Audible Plus plan is less per month but does not include premium audiobooks). Click here to access the Annual Plan.

buy used audio books has a 30-day free trial with 3 free audiobooks you can keep even after the trial. You can read why I recommend the service in my review or you can follow this link to access the free trial.

What makes Chirp audiobooks unique is its focus on offering limited-time deals on select audiobooks. Books are yours to keep, and, unlike many other audiobook services, there are no monthly subscription fees or minimum purchases.

Chirp also offers audiobook clubs that are free to join, provide recommendations on a regular basis, and are a great place to find cheap audiobooks! Follow this link to browse all Chirp audiobook clubs.

Like many of the other services featured in this article, Kobo lets you purchase audiobooks individually or under a subscription model. Kobo membership is $9.99 USD per month for 1 credit which can be used for any audiobook. This makes it the audiobook service with the lowest monthly subscription cost for 1 credit.

The subscription fee is currently $11.99 USD per month. When I first wrote this article, the fee was $9.99 USD per month but the price has increased. Still, while Scribd is no longer the cheapest audiobook service, it is perhaps the best value.

The Audie Awards is a premier awards program recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. Winners across 26 competitive categories will be revealed at the Audie Awards Gala on March 28.

Audiobooks are voice recordings of a book being read out loud so that you can listen to the story rather than read the text. Audiobooks are popular because of the ability to multitask. Audiobooks can be listened to while driving, commuting on public transportation, exercising, and more.

Barnes & Noble audiobooks can be listened to on the free Barnes & Noble NOOK app available in the Apple App Store and from Google Play. The Barnes & Noble NOOK app can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or NOOK eReader for easy listening. Plus, get a free audiobook when you sign up for a B&N Audiobooks Subscription at Barnes & Noble.ol.seoList, ul.seoList padding-left: 15px; aside.seo flex-wrap: wrap; aside.seo h3 width: 100%; margin-top: 15px; display: inline;.seo p width: 100%;

Looking for audio books? We host 7000 of the finest online book stores and booksellers, including specialists in audio. Use the list below to locate a specific specialist bookseller or book store near you. Or, use the form below to search the inventory of all booksellers who specialize in audio

We are providers of new and used textbooks Pre-K thru 16th grade. We will ship same business day as we receive your order, provided we receive your order prior to our 1:00 P.M. Central visit to the Post Office. We also carry a wide range of supplemental teaching materials such as CDS, DVDs, DVRs, VHS and other educational aides.

Holly's Book Rack is a store front devoted to bringing you a wide selection of quality new and used paperback, hardback, audio books, and accessories at extremely affordable prices. We trade over 300 titles a day and have a wide selection of titles delivered to you at a fraction of the suggested retail price. We pride ourselves in offering great books at a terrific price. Holly's Book Rack is owned and operated in Mansfield, Ohio. We have been in the business of offering a wide variety of new and used books for almost fifteen years. We strive to offer friendly service both in our store and online. Our knowledgeable staff helps customers, whether first time customers or regulars, find all the reading material they could possibly need. Whether online, or in our store, we promise to always offer a high standard of respect, courtesy, and honesty to all customers regardless of race, creed, or sex. We pride ourselves on having both our store front and inventory selection clean and well organized. Many used bookstores group all titles together with no apparent order, but we strive to offer an organized selection. It will not take hours to find the specific author or title you are looking for. Our books are categorized and shelved similar to what you would find in most major bookstores or your local library.

Creating audiobooks can be done in two ways that are, hiring a narrator or being the narrator. There are various distribution platforms for audiobooks. These include, OverDrive, and Downpour. One of the most popular platforms that authors, publishers, and agents regularly use is Audiobook Creation Exchange, a podium on Amazon, which produces and distributes audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Audiobooks are expensive; hence it would be advisable to sell your old ones rather than have them lying around. Some of the places you can sell them are the flea market, at an e-bay auction, or at a second-hand book shop enlisted online. Other platforms include sites such as momox that buy them at a guaranteed fixed price. By selling, this allows you to declutter and create space for more while earning some coins while at it.

Readers argue that these books provide them with an exciting way to experience stories. Audiobooks are definitely here to stay, with their preference already on the rise. Here are some of their advantages:1. They permit multitasking.2. Enhance the reading experience3. They save space compared to books4. They are time-saving

There are various platforms used to sell these audiobooks. They include, Overdrive, and Downpour. Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) found on Amazon is one of the most common platforms for authors, publishers, and agents.

Having a website helps you sell directly and gain 100% on sales, and you get to know who your customer is. There are platforms designed to help you sell audiobooks directly and gain as many royalties as possible.

Audiobooks are a great way to enhance your listening skills and are easy to listen to on the go. They can be a way of gaining more information due to their convenience. However, experts encourage reading as a better method of acquiring knowledge.

The buyback prices for used stuff differ massively between the different vendors. Price differences of more than 100% are very common. Only by comparing the prices, selling used stuff over the internet really pays off.

Or, even cheaper, is a free month-long trial where you get a free audiobook for signing up. In this case, you can even sign up, download your free audiobook and then immediately cancel your subscription.

How much do you spend on Audible per month?We have a regular $14.95/month plan and then I buy one-off audiobooks when there is a good sale or if there is something I really want. And then I use Overdrive or Scribd for the rest of my audiobook needs.

Are there options to listen to picture books with the images showing at the same time? Yes! There are about 300 on Audible where it will show basically a slideshow of the illustrations while the narration plays. You can see them all here.

We have had the Audible Subscription for a long time now. One of the feature we like is that you can add books to your wishlist and if the book or books go on sale you will notified by email. We purchased The Pendereicks last week for $4.95 after we received an email that it was sale.Our seven year old uses the app the most. He will listen to the same book over and over again. Audible has been great for us!

Thanks! It is useful! One more question: Is there a direct way to convert Audible AA or AAX to MP3? I would like to load it to my old MP3 player. I am testing an Audible audiobook converter from DRmare these days. This workaround works well but I still want a direct way to save the storage space on my computer. Any suggestions?

I have an audible membership and have set it up so my two boys can listen to audiobooks through their echo dots. They each have one in their room. Is it possible to listen to two different books at the same time from the same account through two different devices??

I am new to Audible. I have purchased a book which contains 2 separate stories. How do I go to each book, & how can I go to the last book without having to listen to the first 2 books before reading the last book. Thanks

The National Library Service is an excellent service for folks with low vision, blindness, or physical disabilities that prevent them from reading or holding a printed page: The organization works with a network of libraries in every state to deliver books and magazines in braille or audio formats that you can receive and return by mail, free of charge. You can also opt to instantly download ebooks and audiobooks. If you or a family member is eligible, the NLS even loans out playback equipment and accessories.

Large Print Reviews, a website that reviews large-print and audio books along with low-vision aids such as magnifiers and screen readers, is another good resource for visually impaired people looking to read more for less. The site has pulled together a list of online book depositories that offer free access to ebook collections, all of which you can access online. The list includes the following: 041b061a72

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