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Ben Carson Gifted Hands Book Free Download

Jim Trelease has created a free downloadable brochure for parents that includes the information from this page, along with the story of Leonard Pitts Jr. and his mother. Despite the ravages of American poverty, Mrs. Pitts did enough of the right things to raise a son who won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, making him one of the nation's top daily newspaper columnists. In this brochure, highlights the efforts of these two parents and what other parents can learn from them. For more information, go to TRELEASE BROCHURES.

Ben Carson Gifted Hands Book Free Download

Gifted hands is written in a sort of memoir with and add comments of the witnesses of the described events. This book is not only an autobiography but also a collection of stories from the doctors practice. Ben Carson describes his life lessons and telling his biography, a surgeon uncovers his lifestyle and advises to the young people explaining his experience. The patients stories show his main statement of doing the best you can whatever you do.

In Gifted hands, the author tells some stories about his patients. Describing his work, Carson shows his life principles and portrays the other side of a surgeons work. Each story about the single patient is a piece of wisdom and the desire to help children, the desire to save their lives. Another good thing about this book is that, in one of the patients stories we have the piece of narration from the point of view of the relative. It is written like a fragment of a diary. This narration technique is used in a story of Craig Warnick. A young nurse, Susan asked Carson to help her husband, who had a tumor. In this case, a story breaks off by Susans thoughts and feelings about the operation of her sick husband. A young nurse was very nervous. She was full of doubt. Susan feared to become a widow at thirty, she was afraid of losing her beloved husband. This story shows that, whatever happen, one must believe in oneself, and do all you can, to change the situation.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that Gifted hands is a work of encouragement and wisdom. The arguments presented earlier prove that in all the elements of this story is one statement: if one will work hard trying to make the best possible, one could become successful no matter who he or she is. As an autobiography, this work is subjective. An author described the problems with which he interfered according to his personal view. The style and the dates as in memoirs, making one feel that the person telling you the story is trying to recall when and where the event took place. So, this book could be an example and inspiration for the young people.

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