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Young Dracula - Season 5

The third series, commissioned three years after the second, sees Vlad and the Count flee both vampires and slayers, while the Count is determined that Vlad should fulfil his destiny to become "the Chosen One". This series was filmed in Liverpool during 2011, in various locations including the disused Margaret Bevan School, Croxteth Hall and Stanley Docks.[2][3][4] It began airing on 31 October 2011. The fourth series follows on from season three's predicament and had a new director, airing on 29 October 2012. Young Dracula was renewed for a fifth and final series in 2013, with filming beginning in April.[5] The hour long finale, "The Darkest Hour", aired 31 March 2014.

Young Dracula - Season 5

Series 3The second season of the show picks up four years after the conclusion of series 2, when Ingrid gained control of the Dracula castle and vowed retribution on Stokely for killing her boyfriend Will. Since then, the Count and Vlad have escaped, and while Ingrid also makes a comeback, they decide to buy a school to hide from the slayers and vampires that are pursuing them.

The popular CBBC series Young Dracula is currently in its fourth season. There are 13 episodes total, with each one lasting roughly 30 minutes. Gerran Howell, who announced the news on Twitter, verified the existence of this series. Filming started in mid-April 2012, and the first episode aired on Monday, October 29. Filming took place in Liverpool.

Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula is the son of Count Dracula and Sally Giles, the maternal elder half-brother of Georgina Giles, and the ex-sex partner of Erin. He is Ingrid Dracula's paternal younger half-brother. He is the Dracula throne's Chosen One and the next in line. The protagonist of Young Dracula is Vladimir Dracula.

The oldest child of Count Dracula and Magda Westernra is Ingrid Dracula. She consistently exhibits a desire for her father's and brother's abilities throughout the entire series. She joined the Vampire High Council in season four, earning the enormous power she had always desired. 041b061a72

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