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Subtitle Slumber.Party.Massacre.III.1990.UNRATE...

Director Alexandre Aja's High Tension works as a slasher exercise in building tension a la Hitchcock or De Palma or Argento with an added element of extreme violence that made it associated with the New French Extremity movies in the early 2000s. Aja uses all his tools as a filmmaker to tighten the screws as a slow moving serial killer murders a family at a house in the rural south of France. The film is certainly not for the squeamish which becomes apparent early on in a scene involving the serial killer and a decapitated head. The carnage continues through the rest of movie as Marie and Alex attempt to escape the homicidal maniac. There are a few head scratching moments as our lead Marie tries in vain to contact the police, but her continued incompetence is refreshing in the slasher genre. The movie concludes with a completely unnecessary and ridiculous twist, which drops it down a notch. Still it does produce the tense thrills which it promised and is worth a watch if you can stomach it. The Lionsgate R-rated version has some horrible English dubbing early on in the movie and eventually transitions into mostly subtitles.

subtitle Slumber.Party.Massacre.III.1990.UNRATE...


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