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Adam Scott Driver Shaft 2013 __EXCLUSIVE__

Starting with the driver, Scott had played several different models through the years from Titleist but right now he has put a TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver in the bag which came into his setup around the 2022 Players Championship. A model also used by Tiger Woods (opens in new tab) and Rory McIlroy, the Stealth Plus produced brilliant results during our testing. It produced impressive ball speeds and plenty of distance, whilst also looking outstanding. The compact profile will suit the better player which explains why so many Tour professionals have put it in the bag. That being said at the start of 2023 he was spotted with a Ping G430 LST model as well so it will be interesting to see which model stays in long-term. Both models are fitted with Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7x shafts.

Adam Scott Driver Shaft 2013

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Last weekend we saw a tremendous back nine battle at Augusta National between Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera. There was so much to note, that little was made of the fact that Adam had a brand new driver in his bag - the Titleist 913 D3 (9.5 degree) with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI-8 shaft.

Adam's driver shaft weighs in at a trimmed weight of just over 80 grams and measures out to a playing length of 44 3/4". Here is Ian Fraser from Modern Golf sharing a few interesting notes on the club:

Scott stayed with the TSi4 head, but decreased the loft to 8 degrees and lengthened the shaft to a Ventus Red 6X at 46 inches. According to VanWezenbeeck, Scott saw an immediate increase in ball speed of 4 to 5 mph. Following range testing with the launch monitor, Scott headed to the golf course and reported he felt like he was in complete control of his new driver and golf ball combination and secured the increased distance he was seeking.

Question: We got a little information from Titleist about the shaft change that you went with at Riviera. Part of what JJ VanWezenbeeck was saying was that you lost a little bit of head feel with the new driver. I was just wondering if you could expand a little bit on what that meant, and what it is about the TS4 that appeals to you?

One way Scott is looking to harness some momentum is by looking at his equipment. Noise was made by DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson last year around using longer-than-conventional driver shafts to gain more distance, and going to a longer length was something Scott tried at the Houston Open, the week before The Masters.

If you thought drivers were getting too expensive, how about a shaft that costs $790 alone?! Well that's exactly what Adam Scott has been pictured testing on the range ahead of the Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA Tour this week.

Scott, who won The Masters back in 2013, currently uses a Titleist TSi4 driver in 10.5 degrees, with a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80 X shaft, but according to reports is considering fitting an AutoFlex shaft into his driver soon after months of testing.

Having made significant changes to my EI instrument and software I measured these again. It has been such a successful design for such a long time, that I have come to regard it as a comparison standard. Adam Scott won the 2013 Masters playing this shaft in his driver. Tiger Woods and Stacy Lewis have used it on Tour. On any given week, there are 10 to 12 in play on the PGA tour over a great many years. There is nothing like PGA Tour success to draw attention to a driver golf shaft.

The 40-year-old changed to the TS4 at the ZoZo Championship in Tokyo in October. Since then he has won twice, at the Australian PGA on the European Tour in December and the Genesis in February. He had previously been using the TS2 and TS3 models. Scott also put a new shaft on the driver ahead of the Genesis, the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XTS 80 X.

It may seem surprising but the average driver length on the PGA TOUR is slightly less, at 44.5 inches. This may seem short to you but with their amazing club head speed and sweet spot accuracy the pros are still able to crush the ball a country mile, even with the shorter shaft. 041b061a72

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