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Where To Buy Total Raisin Bran Cereal _TOP_

Additionally, health claims on raisin bran cereal can be misleading. While touted to be a source of heart-healthy whole grains, these benefits are outweighed by the high amount of sugar, which may raise your risk of heart disease (18, 19).

where to buy total raisin bran cereal

However, while raisin bran is a good source of fiber and important micronutrients like iron and folate, it tends to be high in added sugar. In fact, one serving of raisin bran can contribute nearly half of the recommended daily intake limit for sugar.

Raisin bran (sultana bran in some countries;[1] see sultana grape) is a breakfast cereal containing raisins and bran flakes. Raisin bran is manufactured by several companies under a variety of brand names, including the popularly known Kellogg's Two Scoops Raisin Bran, General Mills' Total Raisin Bran, and Post Cereals' Raisin Bran. This popular breakfast cereal is a staple in households all over the United States, in part because of its advertised nutritional value.[2]

Skinner's Raisin-BRAN was the first raisin bran brand on the market, introduced in the United States in 1926 by the Skinner Manufacturing Company.[3] For 17 years, Skinner had ownership over the product's name, until Kellogg's and Post began to sell their own versions of raisin bran.[4] With concerns of losing money within grocery store sales, Skinner filed a cease-and-desist in an attempt to keep ownership over his raisin bran product.[4]

Kellogg's Raisin Bran in the United States contains the following ingredients: whole grain wheat, raisins, wheat bran, sugar, brown sugar syrup, malt flavor, salt, and assorted vitamins and minerals.[5][6] The cereal's vitamin D3 supplementation is made from lanolin, which is an animal product, rendering it as a non-vegan breakfast cereal.[7][8]

Research suggests that eating commercially produced raisin bran containing sugared raisins produces acid which can lead to cavities, while home-made raisin bran, created by adding plain, unsugared raisins to bran flakes, produces less of this acid.[13]

Start your morning with a bowl of equally nutritious and delicious Post Raisin Bran cereal, a breakfast cereal classic served by Post since 1942. When you pour yourself a heart-healthy* bowl of cereal, you'll feel good about starting each day. With the sweetness of hundreds of Sun-Maid raisins in every box, and 26g of Whole Grain per serving, Raisin Bran cereal is an excellent source of fiber.View Post Raisin Bran cereal's nutrition facts label and ingredient information below.*While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease

Raisin bran is a healthy cereal that consists of cereal flakes and raisins. The flakes are made out of whole wheat and wheat bran, which is a great source of fiber. Those flakes are very crunchy, and they stay crispy even after the milk is added.

In addition to the bran flakes, the whole wheat flour in my homemade bran flakes is what really makes this cereal a complete meal. Whole wheat flour is the whole grain of wheat. So you get all the good stuff that has been stripped away from white flour. Whole wheat flour has vitamin B, iron, calcium and protein. This combined with the bran creates a super stick-to-your-ribs wholesome breakfast.

This cereal is wonderful and full of flavor on its own, but of course feel free to add in whatever you like. To make Homemade Raisin Bran cereal simply add in some sweet plump raisins. If you want to take it over the top, add in whichever nuts, seeds, or dried fruits you like.

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