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If your idea of a great musical is less 'Singing in the Rain', 'West Side Story' or 'South Pacific' and more 'Hairspray', 'Rocky Horror, and 'Phantom of the Paradise' then you simply must check out Frank Oz's Little Shop of Horrors.Based on the off-Broadway show, which was itself based on the cult Roger Corman movie, this marvellously entertaining piece of sci-fi schlock horror is funny, romantic, a little scary (well, my kids thought so), and huge fun from start to finish.Rick Moranis stars as Seymour Krelborn, a nerdish shop assistant in a skid-row florists. Seymour's pitiful life changes drastically, however, when he discovers an unusual plant and takes it back to his workplace: the strange specimen brings the lonely horticulturist fame and fortune, plus the chance of finally scoring with busty blonde co-worker Audrey (Ellen Greene). The only problem is that the plant needs constant feeding, and Miracle-Gro just won't do.... no, this sucker wants blood, and lots of it!Moranis makes a likable leading man, and shows off a surprisingly good singing voice, whilst Ellen Greene impresses not only with her incredible vocals, but also with her amazing body, which often threatens to steal the show. These two leads are joined by a fine supporting cast, which includes top comedy performers of the day Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, Christopher Guest, and James Belushi.The real star of the film, however, is 'Audrey II', the alien plant creature voiced by The Four Tops' Levi Stubb's; this 'mean green mother from outer space' is a miracle of special effects with its fluid movements and impeccable lip-synching making it one of the finest examples of animatronics I have ever seen in a film.The theatrical release of Little Shop of Horrorsthe one that is currently available on DVD and the one I first saw back in 1986ends with Seymour destroying the monstrous pot-plant and living happily ever after with Audrey; it's a lot of fun and is easily worth a rating of at least 8/10. But if you think that is good, be sure to check out Frank Oz's original, downbeat, apocalyptic ending, which was rejected by test audiences; it's on You Tube and will leave you gob-smacked. Now that version is definitely worth full marks! Let's hope there's a Director's Cut available on DVD sometime real soon.

Horror YIFY

I went to HMV one day and decided to buy a horror movie. I had heard all about Amityville Horror. It was always on TV, but I never had the interest to watch it. So I bought the 2000 MGM DVD for $9.99. The movie is about a couple that moves into a new house, but little do they know, it is haunted. All of this was apparently a true story. Wonderful acting by Rod Stieger. This movie is not really a horror movie. It does not have the chills of a horror movie. The reason I never watched it was because I heard it was a bit of a bore. This movie is not what you may think it is. Don't go buying this if you think you will get a really scary movie. The DVD has a great picture. Probably a step up from the VHS version. If you are interested in the story of Amityville, then go out and get it. Do not expect a movie with blood and gore, because this movie is almost free of it. The 2000 DVD version is a bit of a disappointment in terms of features. Only the trailer is included. There are 8 sequels.6/10

This is the classic version about the infamous Amityville house with lots of screams and weird deeds in which a family falls into supernatural terror . The story starts with a grisly mass murder ; years later , a family moves to Long Island where is purchased a Victorian home , their house of dreams but they find only devilish horror and full of nightmares . Longtime ago, there occurred a grisly mass killing based on an allegedly real life occurrence in Amityville that turns out to be a haven for demonic forces . And now a possessed father (James Brolin) is plunged by demonic forces into supernatural attitude driving him to mistreat and beat the kiddies . The wife (Margot Kidder) begins experiencing frightening and vivid dreams of killings . Meantime ,the father is attempting to find out the bottom of events by ways of the cellar . While , an exorcist priest (a hysteric Rod Steiger who steals the show as scene-chewing ) tries praying to vanquish the malignant spirit , staggering from room to room with the doors mysteriously slam . And soon the poltergeists make their nasty appearance originating a lot of unusual rattles and creaks before deciding to utilize its powers to possess the father and attack the family .The film contains restless terror and great loads of gore and blood and usual poltergeists phenomenon caused by the curse and the usual ghastly shenanigans result to be the cracking pipelines , wall ooze icky stuff, flies swarm manifest as attackers, and doors suddenly slam , among others . It is produced with acceptable budget by Samuel Z Arkoff (AIP)and well recreated with high grade special effects that are frightening and horrifying to spectator . It's actually halfway decent terror movie that achieved big success at the box office and it will appeal to ghostly and eerie events fonds. The picture packs a colorful cinematography by Fred Koenekamp and eerie musical score by Lalo Schifrin that will be used in the innumerable sequels . The original Exorcist film (by Friedkin) spawned a wave of demonic possession movies that continues unabated today as Changeling (by Peter Medak), Amytiville (by Stuart Rosemberg) are two further examples of this sub-genre . Following a great number of clumsy, stupid sequels directed by Damiano Damiani , Richard Fleischer ,Sandor Stern ( screenwriter of Amityville), Anthony Hitchcock.. And the bad followings just go on and on attempting to cash in on the success of the first movie . However , recently is made a good new adaptation by Andrew Douglas with Ryan Reynolds (James Brolin role ) , Melissa George ( Margot Kidder character) and Philip Baker Hall (Rod Steiger), though this is a new take on from previous film, it's one of the highest earning horror movie of the last years and like the Amityville original became a box office biggie . Rating : Aceeptable and passable .

Often regarded as the highlight of Hammer horror's oeuvre, The Horror of Dracula stands up today as a fresh and inventive take on what is maybe the best story ever written. Hammer is a studio that has had many a fine hour, and although this is one indeed; I think that there are several other films from their ranks that just top it. Just, being the operative word as this is certainly up there with the best of them. As you might expect, the story follows that of Bram Stoker's original novel; with a young man travelling to Dracula's castle, and not returning. This attracts the attentions of Professor Abraham Van Helsing; an authority in the field of vampirism who then sets out to slay the malevolent fiend that is the source of all the foul play in the movie; Dracula himself.Although this is based on the classic story, Hammer very much makes it their own. Of course, the campy horror styling that that the studio has become famous for features strongly in the movie and serves in giving it that classic Hammer feel. Furthermore, this movie features both of Hammer's greatest stars; Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Christopher Lee may be no Bela Lugosi, but if there was anyone other than Bela Lugosi that I would want to play Dracula; Christopher Lee is that man. He isn't actually in it that much, but the moments when he is are the best in the movie. He has an incredible amount of screen presence, and all of that is transferred into the character of Dracula. In a similar way, Peter Cushing plays Van Helsing. Like Lee, Cushing has buckets of screen presence, but it's all in a very different style. While Lee is a defined evil, Cushing is more subdued, which allows him to adequately play the hero as well as well as he plays the villain. I've got to be honest, I prefer Cushing in the bad guy role; but he still makes an excellent hero.Terence Fisher, one of Hammer's premier directors, directs the film and does a great job with it. The atmosphere of the Gothic period setting is spot on, and a constantly foreboding, and intriguing atmosphere is created throughout. The way that the smoke drifts across the graveyard in the movie is among the most atmospheric things Hammer ever shot. Dracula is a great story, and this Hammer yarn more than does it justice.

Vampire films before 1958 were always in black and white and partially were not very gory considering that a vampire drinks blood. The Universal films were done producing monster movies and the sci-fi era was born with all sorts of creatures from outer space invading our planet. Then the Hammer Studios from England came along and the world never knew what hit them, we had blood, we had sex, we had great actors, we had excellent sets, we had frightening scares and most of all, we had color! Horror of Dracula was the first vampire movie we ever had that was in color and we were introduced to Christopher Lee, arguably one of the best and most memorable Dracula's. Standing over six feet tall, the man had a true presence and one of the most memorable entrances for Dracula. He enters the room for the first time with a gigantic BOOM and I don't think we could have prepared for such a horror film.Jonathan Harker arrives at the castle of Count Dracula, posing as a librarian. He is startled inside the castle by a young woman begging for help, claiming to be a prisoner. Dracula then greets Harker and guides him to his room, where he locks him in. Jonathan starts to write in his diary, and his true intentions are revealed: he has come to kill Dracula. Harker again is confronted by the desperate woman. She begs him for help but then bites his neck. Just as she does, Dracula arrives and yanks her away. Armed with a stake, he impales the woman. But when he turns to kill Dracula, the Count has already awakened and is waiting for him. Dr. Van Helsing then arrives at the castle, looking for Harker. In the crypt, Van Helsing is horrified to discover Harker lying in a coffin as a vampire. Staking Harker, he leaves to deliver the veiled news of Harker's death in person to a wary Arthur Holmwood and his wife Mina, brother and sister-in-law of Harker's fiancée Lucy Holmwood. It turns out Dracula already got ahold of Lucy and turned her into a vampire. After convincing Arthur that Dracula must be destroyed, Mina -under Dracula's spell- lets Dracula stay in their cellar and now Arthur must kill Dracula before Mina meets the same fate as Lucy.So is this film worth all the hype it gets? I personally love the Hammer Dracula films but I do admit they have a certain camp value too. Jonathan is played with such lack of personality and is so bland, at times you can't take him seriously that Van Helsing would send him to kill Dracula. But Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are what make this film great, they're terrific actors who have great chemistry. Their last fight scene is just incredible and the effects are still outstanding by today's standards. Plus the image of Dracula growling with blood dripping from his fangs is one of the best images of a horror film and is the definition of why we are scared of vampires. Dracula is not only portrayed as a monster, but a sexual predator. The scene with him biting Mina is so intense and has a great jump moment after he bites her with an owl screaming at Arthur. Terence Fisher knew how to truly give the audience a good scare. Horror of Dracula isn't just one of the best scary movies of all time, but it's a true classic in itself. It's classy, it's scary, it's intense, it's everything you could want in a horror movie. It doesn't kid around when the first image we see in the film is blood dripping down on Dracula's coffin, you know you're in for a ride.8/10 041b061a72

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