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According to well-cited research by social psychologist Wilhelm Hofmann, impulses emerge through the activation of the associative cluster in long-term memory in close interaction with perceptual stimulus input.

A key factor for driving impulse buys is physical stimuli. Consumer research has shown that external factors such as retail signage, ambiance, marketing activities, and window displays influence consumer behavior.

Point-of-purchase displays are another placement tactic retailers use to encourage impulse buyers. This way, shoppers can browse featured products while they wait in line and can add them to their cart at the last minute.

Research from Ridgeway, Kukar-Kinney, and Monroe found that impulse buyers seek novelty items and are hyperactive. These sensation seekers experience positive feelings when finding new stuff that leads them to buy products right away.

Another way to keep impulse prices down is to use your designated impulse purchase areas to display products that are on sale. Take Bath & Body Works, for example. It frequently offers discounted samplers of new fragrances and little add-ons right next to the cash registers. Combining sale prices with the urgency of a limited-time promotion is a recipe for impulse buying.

Free stuff is a powerful motivator. You can use that to your advantage by structuring conditional offers around your store. Low-cost products are often bought on impulse. So try to find products with higher margins in your offers to come out profitable. 041b061a72

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