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Plague Inc apk full unlocked: How to infect the world with your own plague

The title sounds strange but I'm looking for an apk for plague inc that has all unlocked but with no mods, all I can find on google are just versions in which everything is free and you get infinite DNA. Would it be possible to create a version with all unlocked with no mods?

Nox Eternis, also known as the Shadow Plague is a new special plague added in the Mutation 13 update. It can be unlocked by paying $1.99 or by beating all of the other plagues on Brutal. Players who bought the full expansion pack will get the Shadow Plague for free. It combines all of the other Special Plagues into one. This plague is available on the iOS, Android, Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

plague inc apk full unlocked português

The basic display on the Plague Inc game screen shows the world map, the number of people infected and deaths. There's also a speed-control button that displays the percentage of countries that successfully fight your disease. A good indicator that your efforts are working is when red spots cover the game's world map. A significant plot point in Plague Inc is that the game reveals important information about countries around the world. Which country performed extensive research on a vaccine against the plague? By tracking down these pants, you discover where to create a new version of the virus. This helps to completely destroy any hope of recovery.

Bacteria is the very first unlocked plague type in the game; it is the most common cause of plagues and has unlimited potential. It has standard transmissions and symptoms available on most plague types but has a unique ability which allows it to resist tough climates. Beating Bacteria on Brutal Mode can be challenging, but if you manage your symptoms and ensure the bacteria spreads, you shouldn't encounter too much difficulty. This wikiHow teaches you a few strategies to beat Bacteria Brutal Mode in Plague Inc.

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