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[S2E4] House Of Myths House Of Nightmares

"Sleepless" is the 4th episode of the second season and 28th overall of the science fiction television series The X-Files, premiering on the Fox network on October 7, 1994. The episode was written by supervising producer Howard Gordon and directed by Rob Bowman. "Sleepless" earned a Nielsen rating of 8.6 and was viewed by 8.2 million households. The episode received mostly positive reviews from critics.

[S2E4] House of Myths House of Nightmares

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NEIL'S HOUSE - Angela is sitting at the table upset and in tears. Neil opens up a couple of bottles of beer to try to cheer her up. She responds simply with "I'm all right". They're interrupted by pounding at the front door. It's Angela's boyfriend, Matt, who barges into the house demanding to talk to Angela, only to find out that Angela has left the house.

THE IMPALA - Sam and Dean are driving out to visit their mother's grave because Sam wants to pay his respects. Dean thinks it's an irrational thing to do, because there were no bones to bury after the fire, and all that's there is a headstone planted by their uncle. Dean shrugs it off and says that they should pass by the Roadhouse and continue their hunt for the demon. The brothers argue, but Sam insists.

ANGELA'S HOUSE - Dean breaks into Angela's house in search for additional leads. He encounters Angela's roommate at her house and sits down to talk with her. She tells Dean that Angela and Matt were a happy couple and there was no reason for the two of them to break-up. Now, Matt is dead too. Apparently, he committed suicide the previous evening by slitting his own throat.

MOTEL - Dean walks in on Sam watching Latino Porn on the SKIN channel, Sam quickly shutting off the TV. Dean tells Sam that Matt cut his own throat last night and that he'd apparently been seeing Angela everywhere he went before he died. He checked out Matt's apartment only to find a bunch of dead plants, just like at the cemetery and a dead goldfish on top of that. The only other clue he has is Angela's diary, which he stole from her house. The boys decide to talk to more of Angela's friends to find out what life was like between her and Matt.

NEIL'S HOUSE - At Neil's house, Sam and Dean pose as grief counselors from the college. Neil refuses to talk, but tells them that Matt's death did not occur out of grief, but out of guilt. Angela walked in on Matt having sex with another girl.

DR. MASON'S HOUSE - Sam and Dean visit Angela's dad questioning him about the symbols. Dean's angry. Dr. Mason states that these symbols are part of a demonic ritual used for necromancy. The ancient Greeks used these symbols for communicating with the dead, even bringing corpses back to life; as Dean puts it, full zombie action. He accuses Dr. Mason of using this ritual to bring Angela back to life and threatens him, yelling, "What's dead should stay dead!" Dean demands to know where he's hiding Angela. Dr. Mason goes to call the cops and Sam points out to Dean that Angela is not there because the plants in the house are healthy. Dean storms out of the house with Sam following behind.

NEIL'S HOUSE - Neil's house appears to be empty, but the boys take no chances, carrying 9mms. They check the basement and realize that Angela has left and that she might be out to kill someone. Dean thinks that if there was anyone that Angela would want to kill, it would be her roommate Lindsey, because she might've been the one who got it on with Matt as she was really torn up over Matt's death.

NEIL'S OFFICE(??)- Sam and Dean come storming into the room, tolerating no more of Neil's crap. They demand to know where he's keeping Angela. Sam and Dean tell Neil that they have to perform another ritual, nailing Angela back into her grave bed. Looking at the dead plants on the desk, Dean realizes that Angela is not at Neil's house as he told Sam and Dean, but in the room and advises Neil to get out as quickly as possibly and not to make her mad. Sam and Dean exit the room.

FX Networks released the promotional poster for Season 2 on June 21, 2022, and released its official teaser on June 30, 2022. The teaser is titled "Die-O-Rama" and it showed creepy human dolls and dollhouses while The Chordettes' "Mr. Sandman" plays in the background. [21]

001 was born Henry Creel, the son of Victor Creel (played by A Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund). The family, including the mother and daughter, moved into a house in Hawkins years earlier where Henry caused strange events to occur. Realizing he had tremendous psychic power, he haunted his family with visions before ultimately killing most of them. His father was framed for the murders and locked away in a mental hospital as a disturbed serial killer. Henry then found himself in the care of Brenner, who decided he wanted more kids like the boy.

"The Attic" is the 10th episode of the second season of Dollhouse and the 23rd episode overall. It was written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon and directed by John Cassaday. The episode aired on December 18, 2009.

Picking up immediately where "Stop-Loss" left off, the Attic is revealed to be the dark physical heart of the Dollhouse. Echo is placed in a coffin-like glass tub that is filled with a clear gelatinous liquid that suspends her; she is then pierced in the head with needles connected to machines, given a tube to keep her breathing, and then enclosed with plastic wrap, unable to move or to wake up from the suspended animation state she has entered after being forced into a coma.

Boyd confronts her next, furious at her suggestion that Echo's being placed in the Attic is as much his fault as hers for shielding Echo's dangerous tendencies for so long and indeed encouraging them by giving Echo the all-access key card. She reminds Boyd that he came to the Dollhouse because he "had nowhere else to go," though neither of them elaborate on this, leaving Boyd's past still shrouded in mystery. She further tells him that once he walked into the Dollhouse he had exactly three options: one, to follow Rossum's instructions complicitly without question, two, to be consigned to the Attic, or three, to die. She informs him that she has seen Rossum's plan for the future, and that it is not for the weak, indicating that only those strong like Echo will survive the coming technological apocalypse.

Echo, realizing that her fear is keeping her trapped, escapes the Attic escape vision and emerges in the middle of the Dollhouse, which is now covered in snow with a large tree growing from it. A small girl circles the tree: Echo as a young girl, indicating that Echo retains some remnants of Caroline's childhood memories within her, because children don't have fully formed personalities to wipe away. She sees scenes from other lives: the serial killer Terry Karrens, his female relatives, a girl with a horse, an old couple on a couch, etc. Bursting in through this is a shadowy monster who tries to kill her, though she fights it off - with the unexpected help of Laurence Dominic, who had been sent to the Attic in the season one episode "A Spy in the House of Love" after DeWitt discovered that he was a spy for the NSA who had been sending Ballard messages through Echo and November.

Echo finds herself in a Japanese-style teahouse where a jolly man determined to enjoy himself eating his lunch to the best of his ability reveals to her that he was sent to the Tokyo Dollhouse by Rossum to find the weaknesses in their mainframe. He found a profound weakness, which was why he was exiled to the Attic, though he doesn't know that that is where he is trapped. Echo tries to get him to reveal the weakness that he found, but the man is insistent on enjoying himself and so refuses to tell her. The camera reveals that his legs have been severed mid-thigh.

Dominic is stunned to learn this, as this was apparently one of many reasons he was assigned to infiltrate the Dollhouse years before by the NSA, revealing that there is a very small, secret faction of the government that knows what Rossum really is and is fighting desperately to stop the firm. Clyde also reveals that there is a myth in the Attic, that there is a woman who discovered everything about Rossum, only to be scrubbed herself. Echo says that this was most likely Caroline and Clyde confirms that the name is familiar, which would explain why Caroline was pursued so aggressively by the Dollhouse years before. Clyde is unable to tell them the identity or gender of either his former partner or Clyde 2.0, because that knowledge has been scrubbed from his brain. He also warns them that Clyde 2.0 has probably been moved to another body.

Production started on November 2, 2009. "The Attic" aired 9 p.m. on Friday, December 18, 2009, making it the final episode of "Dollhouse" to air in 2009 as well as the last of the six episodes of "Dollhouse" that aired as two-hour specials in December 2009. "Dollhouse" will not return for three weeks, when it will begin its run to the January 22, 2010 series finale, "Epitaph Two: Return."

Over the last few hundred years, homes have been regarded as private and separate from public space. This assumption has been built into the interior design and lay-out of the house, and has in turn influenced our social interactions and the relationship between outside and inside, public and private spaces.

A scientist's discovery of mysterious footage on his security camera; a ghost crew aboard a ship; the ghosts of slaves who used the Underground Railroad; the spirit of a jilted bride who haunts the hotel where she committed suicide. Bewarehouse- Carson, California.Haunted on the High Seas- Dan Diego, California. Ghosts of the Underground Railroad- Eaton, Ohio.Bride Lost in Time- St. Andrews, New Brunswick.The Ghost is Clear- Austin, Texas. The Claw Haunting- Virginia City, Nevada.

A couple's home is haunted by ghosts from a slaughterhouse; a cigarette-smoking ghost inhabits a health club; an Ohio woman encounters an incubus in her bedroom; and a couple's New England lodge is destroyed by spirits. Freaky Farmhouse- Bayview, Wisconsin The Ghost of Green Castle- Greencastle, Indiana Work Out Ghost- Overland Park, Kansas Ghosts Run in the Family- Bridgton, Maine Attack of the Incubus- Fairfield, OhioHaunting in the Woods- Backwoods, Maine 041b061a72

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