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Invisible Elytras

Vanilla Minecraft Elytras are quite boring. Eventhough it's been in the game for quite some time, it's texture hasn't really gone through much change. This is where the Elytras+ texture pack helps you. This pack adds a ton of new elytra designs into your game, and all that you have to do is to rename your elytras in an anvil. There are hundreds of elytra designs to choose from, including an invisible elytra which makes it look like the player isn't wearing an elytra at all. A detailed document containing the Elytra rename list can be found here :

Invisible Elytras

Download Zip:

Alchemy description: Invisibility for seconds.Invisibility makes the target become completely invisible for the duration of the spell. Although you cannot be seen when you are invisible, you can still be heard, meaning enemies may still detect you. You are more likely to be detected if you: 041b061a72

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