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ShadeMonster solar roller shades come in a variety of opacities and in a variety of colors to match any home, office, restaurant, or business décor. These shades come with a variety of different cord options as well as different valances. You can choose an Indoor or outdoor mount, based on how you want your shades to hang on your window or door.

buy solar screens

Our motorized option is very popular with solar shades which can easily be controlled by remote, or you can connect them to a free app on your smartphone, and/or program them to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for a true luxury feel, without breaking the bank!

Yes, solar shades do provide privacy. Solar shades provide privacy at night as well. ShadeMonster recommends going with a 1% opacity percentage for maximum privacy. Learn more about opacity percentage down below.

Do you find yourself running your cooling system constantly and it's still not quite enough to keep the house comfortable? Do you avoid parts of the house during the day simply because they're just too hot? The problem largely lies within your windows. With solar screen, you'll be able to effectively block out the sun's heat, thus saving you money on your next energy bill. Plus, they're attractive and easy to install. For rooms that need some daylight but a serious decrease in heat, choose the custom Textilene 80% solar screens.

Note that these options are more sturdy than typical window frames. These solar screens come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty guaranteeing that they won't fade or rot. When you order three or more solar screens, your order will qualify for a quantity discount. If you have other questions about our custom Textilene 80% solar screens, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

Areas from Temple to Killeen in Texas experience hot, scorching summers and drastically different winters. Cooling and heating costs can be extremely high, but consider an alternative: home, garage, and patio window solar screens will keep your costs down as well without turning on the heat or air conditioning for as long. Solar screens for the garage and the patio will also help keep items from being sun damaged.

Learn More Benefits for Life Benefits for LifeBoth patio screens and solar screens offer a wide variety of benefits from energy savings to privacy. However, it's the ability to add permanent value to your home that is for life.

When considering whether solar screens are right for your home there are several things to consider. The area in which you live and how your house is positioned in comparison with the sun are just a few. Some people are unsure if they will benefit from solar screen installation or are hesitant to make the investment. Here are a few considerations to help you decide if solar screens will work for you.

There are several other reasons for this such as poor insulation, the need for updated windows, etc. However, if this is not the case for your situation, installing solar screens can help decrease the amount of heat that enters your home meaning cooler interior and less work for the AC unit.

With the direct sunlight on east and west facing windows comes an increase in heat entering those windows alone. Adding sunscreens to windows that just face east or west will help to decrease the amount of heat entering your home giving you great energy savings.

When looking to update your homes exterior while increasing its value, adding sun screens is a great cost-effective option. They provide a sleek look and help market your house as more energy efficient.

There are several options for your exterior windows or even pool areas when utilizing solar screens. Whether it is pull down shades or the normal window frame screens. Either way, you are putting more into your investment.

If you notice you have some nosey neighbors or you just enjoy a little more privacy during the day, then solar screens are a great option. The color and solar blockage percentage will have some effect on the privacy your screen will provide.

Solar blockage percentage is the openness of the screen, with most quality solar screens blocking 90% of solar rays. The higher the percentage the smaller the openness of the screen. With smaller screen openness comes less visibility inward and outward. Knowing what your preference is is important. If you enjoy still being able to view your amazing landscape then you may want to go with styles that have lower blockage percentages.

While there are several options for colors with solar screens, darker screens are better for outward visibility when inside your home and more privacy during the daytime. They also reduce more glare than the lighter colored screens.

It is important to note that during the day solar screens provide great privacy, however during the night if you have lights on in your house, the solar screen may provide little privacy as it will be easier to see inside your home.

The suns rays wreak havoc an anything that it touches. It can ruin anything it comes in contact with through discoloration and fading. If you have furniture, paintings, carpet, flooring, or any other household items you want to protect from the harshness of UV rays then solar screens are the way to go.

When the sun is glaring through your windows while you are enjoying your favorite book or that long-awaited tv show, it makes it extremely difficult to actually enjoy or even see what you are doing. You have to position and keep repositioning yourself to keep the glare out or away from where the action is taking place. Solar screens are great to reduce glare and keep you free to see or read any time you please without distraction or squinting.

Those who suffer from migraines that are brought on by light could also benefit from this as solar screens will reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Providing you a darker environment to escape the oppression and pain caused by the sunlight.

Using solar screens can also be beneficial to your eyes. UV rays can cause eye damage with extended exposure. This is why doctors suggest people wear sunglasses, to help protect against the UV damage. Essentially adding sunglasses to your windows can be beneficial for your eye health.

Adding solar screens offers several benefits to you and your home. When considering whether to purchase solar screens for your home consider what your goals are how solar screens will help to achieve these. If you want to save money, add value to your home, protect your interior, and increase privacy then solar screens will be a cost-effective way to accomplish this. Many statistics suggest that after just 2 years the amount of savings you get from installing solar screens will have been enough to pay for themselves!

The house looks so much better with the new sun screens. We had other estimates, they gave us the best deal hands down. The screens were on the house just 2 days later. We are very pleased with Stellar Sunscreens.

An energy conservation screens company designs different types of screens to meet different needs. While some homeowners are very concerned about energy savings and solar protection, some are more concerned about maintaining their view out the window. Patio solar screens will be made using different weaves; tighter weaves will reduce glare and heat while a looser weave will offer a more open view.

Wrong. Patio solar screens vary in terms of appearance as well as functionality, making it easy to find something you actually like that matches with the look of your home because they will be created specifically for your home. An Austin, TX solar screens company recognizes the importance of using these screens to save money but also the desire to get something that looks nice. The variety in product offerings also belies an understanding that homeowners will use the screens in different ways and in different areas of their homes. Patio solar screens, for example, may require different construction than living room window solar screens. Consider what you want for your home and talk to an energy conservation screens company to figure out what the best options are you to purchase.

Solar screen shades can be a worthwhile investment in an energy-efficient and attractive home. So, how much do solar screens cost? The answer depends on several factors that affect the prices of solar screens.

Before you plan your next home renovation or design project, be aware of the role solar screens play. You might find them to be a cost-effective alternative or complement to repainting, window replacements, skylights, and other costly renovations. Keep the following considerations in mind when you discuss your project with an installation technician or contractor.

Different screen materials have different costs, so you can save money by choosing a material that costs less to produce. Typically, darker screens cost less because they do not have a PVC coating. The coating reduces the transfer of heat to the shade.

If you are buying a solar screen for light control and UV protection or if you are using solar shades for passive heating, the more economical screen fabric might work fine. If you want to save money on air conditioning bills in the summer, it makes sense to invest in coated solar screen material.

Buying a solar screen in a location where the demand for passive heating and the cost of living are high could set you back more. Nationwide and international shipping can mitigate this effect. Look for discounts from online retailers and other e-commerce sites.

Many manufacturers and retailers sell window screen material by the window or by the foot. Large windows or installations that include many windows will cost more than a few small windows. If you want a solar screen with an unusual shape, the cost might be higher to accommodate the expense of cutting the fabric to shape.

Solar screen installation costs will vary depending on the prevailing wage in your area, the number of windows, and the complexity of the installation. Some contractors might offer discounts if you bundle solar screen installations with curtains or other window treatment elements. 041b061a72

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