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Where To Buy Plus Size Underwear

This queer-owned brand makes handmade underwear from a range of luxe fabrics, including mesh, lace, chiffon, and satin. Some are even made of sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled polyester. The pieces are available in unisex sizes XL to 5X. There are even options with gaff, which are compression undies that make it look as though your nether regions are flat, no matter what you have going on down there.

where to buy plus size underwear

Founded in 2013 by Fran Dunaway and her wife Naomi Gonzalez, TomboyX offers a variety of bras, underwear, and loungewear for people of all genders and sizes. This retailer is one of the few on this list that sell sizes up to 6X in most of its clothing.

If you're unsure if you want plus size maternity underwear that goes over or under your belly, you'll love this fold-over option! With this design, you can pull it up over your belly for extra support or fold below your bump if that's more comfortable.

Boxer briefs are another solution people have found if their partner wears them. The benefit of boxer briefs is that not only do they work as maternity underwear, they also offer some belly support and prevent inner thigh chafing.

Walmart! The plus size maternity underwear Walmart selection is limited. That said, their regular plus size underwear sizes are a popular option during maternity. People just size-up! Target is an option too but their sizes run smaller.

From briefs to thongs, now you have a lot of great options when it comes to finding your perfect pair of plus size maternity underwear! Feel free to share in the comments below anything that worked well for you.

The idea of just sizing up on your regular underwear is just not an option for me. They don't make anything over 13 and thats my size! Wearing them backwards is ridiculous because I have a huve but and I am not interested in weggies thanks. In none of your links did I find anything past size 13 or a 3xl. Super frustrating because I thouvht I found the answer.

Hi Ginny, I sure feel your frustration. If plus size maternity underwear options existed beyond a 3X - they would be listed. If you happen upon anything, please let me know. I've spent so many hours searching. That's why I create this resource with other plus size underwear options based on feedback from plus size people during pregnancy. Have you tried the boy shorts style? That worked well for me during pregnancy and there are options to 6XL listed. I'm happy to search for you if you need larger. Best wishes!

As a plus size woman, when I discover a new panty, I often grab it in multiple colors because I don't know if I'll see it again! Fortunately, online shopping helps that feeling of scarcity. And finding underwear that is breathable, supportive and doesn't roll down under the belly often makes high-waisted styles a favorite.

Cacique by Lane Bryant is by far the most popular underwear option among plus size babes. They carry sexy styles with cut-outs and ruffles, but also make basic cotton briefs that many swear by. Sizes start at 10/12 and extend through 26/28.

Australian-based brand, City Chic, is known for sexy lingerie up to a size 24. Their underwear often has a matching bra. And City Chic's thongs feature full coverage in the front for a comfortable way to wear a style that often comes with an uncomfortable reputation.

Fit for Me by Fruit of The Loom takes the underwear essentials everyone knows and puts a plus size focus on it. Partnering with popular plus size bloggers, and even showing on the Full Figured Fashion Week runway, Fit for Me brings an everyday product into mainstream plus size fashion. Find their hi-cuts, briefs and hipsters in sizes 9-13 (the equivalent of sizes 16W-32W).

The HanesBrands umbrella contains multiple brands serving plus size customers: Hanes, Bali, Just My Size, Maidenform and Playtex. You can shop them all on one convenient site and filter by style, color and size, which extends up to a 14 or 7X, available across brands.

In sheer, trend-driven sexiness, Torrid is hard to beat in the plus size panty department. I remember getting caged panties from Torrid right as that style was first taking off. They continue to come out with new collections combining sexy and functional. Panties can be found through a 6X.

I've learned that having the right foundational garments are key to a great outfit. But it can be hard to find those right pieces. Plus-size underwear, in particular, is pretty impossible to try before you buy. In order to ensure that underwear is sanitary, it can't have been tried on by anyone before. And while you may be able to glean a bit about the fit from seeing the silhouette of the panties or seeing them on an e-commerce model while shopping online, it's still hard to tell if they'll fit well and be comfortable all day long. Even when you do put them on, they might feel fine until you're a couple of hours into your day and the panties start to roll down, bunch up, or become otherwise uncomfy.

I turned to our Facebook Group to get recommendations for the comfiest plus-size undies, and they were quick to tell me their favorite brands, styles, and fits. I bought each style so that I could try each pair, gave them for a test drive, and now I can say with confidence which pairs I will be reordering.

Many, many, many of you recommended a style offered by Lane Bryant's Cacique. This wasn't surprising to me, because Lane Bryant's intimates selection is impressive. A large section of every Lane Bryant retail store is reserved just for intimates, where you can get properly fitted for a bra and leave with panties that fit a lot better than what you'd find at Victoria's Secret. But again, there were too many options for me to know exactly which styles to try so I took the advice of the group members for the best styles. I ordered 5 different styles, all that came recommended, and took them for a spin.

I knew how I would feel about this underwear the second that I put it on. The wide waistband is not a good feature for me. It flips and flops, and isn't sure if it'd like to be higher or lower waisted. I wore it for another full day, after first trying it on, and it bothered me a little bit less than I expected it would, but it was still noticeable and in that way, annoying.

Arq is an undergarment brand that started making undies and other under layers for children, before expanding to carry similar styles in adult sizes. Their emphasis is on comfort, but they don't believe kids should be the only ones limited to extra comfy pieces. More than one person in the Facebook Group was adamant that Arq's undies are their absolute favorites, that they have purchased multiple pairs and swear by them. I had to give them a try.

While Torrid offers many cuts and styles of plus-size undies, I only picked up one. And to be completely transparent, I had low expectations. Not that many people in the Facebook Group had a ton of positive things to say and I didn't like that many of their styles were $14.50 for one pair and "Buy 3, Get 2 Free." Why would I buy 5 pairs of undies that I even know if I'll like? But of course, that was before I ever put a pair on.

I had never previously shopped at Duluth, but so many members of our Facebook Group were encouraging me to give it a try. And the way Duluth messages their undies was really compelling too- with words like "Dang Soft" and "Buck Naked" and even how the packaging said that it was "Better Than Bare" made me think this could be a problem to my underwear solution. Not to mention, the 1000+ 4.5 star reviews on their site was pretty compelling.

I was truly impressed. The fabric is soooo light that I felt like I was wearing almost nothing. I wasn't sure how I would like the mesh texture, but that was only on the outside so I never really felt it against my skin. Right away, I thought that this is the perfect underwear for those of us that are butt-sweaters. Got a sweaty butt? Prepping for summer? Grab yourself a pair or two of these, you won't be sorry. I haven't gotten super sweaty in my pair just yet so I can't say for sure, but the wicking factor is a big plus.

Alinoma is a one-stop-shop for everything fashion, from street style to office wear to evening gowns. The online store has a wide range of clothing, mostly targeting women from their 20s to their 50s. Their sizes range from a Japanese L up to 10L and have a good collection. However, their shoe options are pretty slim, with sizes only up to 26 cm and choices limited to sneakers, flats, and short heels. Alinoma now features a few foreign brands, so their underwear section is more vibrant and fit for women with larger breasts.

Keep in mind that not all items on the site come in sizes up to 10L, so make sure to preset your search preferences to your size on the sidebar prior to your virtual shopping spree. Prices from around 1,300 to up to over 40,000.

Women of all sizes like to wear thongs, and these are available up to size 3X. Made with the same lightweight blend as the Happy Seams line and cotton gusset for maximum hygiene, this thong is extra comfortable thanks to thermowelded side seams and removable tags. They won't be making an appearance under your clothes, so you can wear them anywhere with 100% confidence.

Bariatric adult diapers are disposable underwear available in sizes 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Bariatric briefs and pull-ups provide individuals who need plus-size diapers with the protection they are looking for, for daytime or nighttime use. They can be the saving grace for someone who otherwise cannot find extra large diapers for adults in local stores.

These incontinence briefs come in three sizes: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. The 2XL incontinence underwear can be both pull-up or briefs. Sizes 3XL and ...Read MoreBariatric adult diapers are disposable underwear available in sizes 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Bariatric briefs and pull-ups provide individuals who need plus-size diapers with the protection they are looking for, for daytime or nighttime use. They can be the saving grace for someone who otherwise cannot find extra large diapers for adults in local stores. 041b061a72

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