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Highway Car Racing Game: How to Outrun Cars and Trucks in High Speed

Highway Racer is a 3D racing game where you speed down a highway dodging cars. Build up your speed and avoid hitting traffic while taking risks like near misses and driving on the wrong side for bonus points.How to PlayChoose your car and game mode. Highway Racer has 4 game modes - one-way, two-way, time mode, and bomb mode. In bomb mode, you drive a truck loaded with a bomb that could explode!

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All of our car games are free-to-play in your web browser, no download required. Our car games remain free thanks to advertisements placed non-invasively within the game and around the website. Many of our free car games also feature online multiplayer like SocCar.

Drifting games and racing games are popular choices for car fanatics. Inspired by some of the greats like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, they often feature numerous exotic vehicles, engine tuning, and aesthetic upgrades to keep you hooked on the game.

CarX Highway Racing is a free racing game for mobile from developer CarX Technologies LLC. Coming from the popular CarX series, this entry will take players away from the streets, and onto the highway. With more speed thrills and higher stakes, veering off lane could cause the entire race.

Compared to games in the series like CarX Drift Racing or CarX Rally, CarX Highway Racing moves away from the drift mechanics and provides players with a different experience focusing on speed and precision. The result is going down on highways at breakneck speeds while avoiding a collision.

If you've been a fan of the CarX series for a while now, then you would know that these racing games have incorporated drift mechanics into their gameplay. From street races to rally racing, it has become a defining characteristic in multiple releases. However, its developers are looking to buck the trend with CarX Highway Racing, an entry that takes the experience to the highway.

This game takes your races to various long-stretching highways all over the world, from France to Russia, and many other countries. Get to drive a variety of vehicles ranging from trucks to supercars. All of that, while you work to stop the sinister plans of the criminal named Winston, and the secret organization called the Syndicate in the game's immersive Campaign Mode.

CarX Highway Racing is a nice departure from the typical drift-focused gameplay that past releases had, focusing more on a traditional racing experience. It's a good entry point into the series that both newcomers and long-time fans will enjoy. You have multiple modes, various locations, and plenty of cars to choose from. It's different, but it's still great. Give it a try.

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Play the best highway games for free. We have collected 66 popular highway games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top highway games such as Car Carrier Trailer, Highway Traffic, Truck Driver Cargo, Offroad Car Race and Street Racing 3D. Choose a highway game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

About App: Highway Car Racing Game is all about the excitement and thrill of highway car driving where you can outrun cars and trucks at high speed.Become the master of highway racing with 60 FPS game play and high hd graphics smooth control for mobile devices game.

Experience urban drag racing by taking the race across the busy streets of the city. Be the king of the road when you show off your drifting skills in a busy and bustling highway! Can you beat the other racers while avoiding collisions on the road? Get those driving skills tested on Drive in Car on Highway : Racing games. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

CarX Highway Racing is a racing game developed by CarX Technologies, LLC. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

Highway Racing Taxi - Highway Racing Taxi - Free Game. A fantastic journey is waiting for you. It sounds like very exciting and both dangerous to weave through the traffic. This incredible racing game is exactly what you are looking for. Highway racing game is very easy to get start. Unlock the fantastic cars by skillful plays and challenge the extreme of speed and distance. Let's race on the highway overtaking hard car traffic. Key Features * Earn 10,000 coins to buy/unlock new crazy taxi. * Endless highway road with heavy traffic rush track. * Be careful with your moves and avoid crashing into cars. Feel free to rate and review us. Download it.

Our intense collection of car racing games features the fastest vehicles in the world. This is your chance to sit in the driver's seat of a Formula 1 racer or NASCAR stock car. You can compete against virtual racing champions and real players from around the world. Speed across oval tracks, drag strips, twisting courses, and abandoned highways to win the gold medal. There's no room for trucks, ATVs, or motorcycles here; only the swiftest cars are allowed!

Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other world-class vehicles are at your disposal. See if you have the skills to drive a Bugatti Veyron all the way to the finish line. Or, enter a street car racing tournament with Japanese imports. Real techniques, such as drifting through tight turns, will help you maintain top speed. In NASCAR races, you can draft behind opponents before passing them. Enjoy the luxury of automatic transmission, or take control of the gearshift and accelerate faster than ever before in our car racing games.

Racing games are almost everyone's favorite and there are lots of people who like to play extraordinary racing games because they bring them lots of thrill and excitement. Most of the time the racing games are powerful enough that the players feel very much involved in the game because any single negligence can cause them loss of the full game.

Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk is a very extraordinary phenomenal game where you can discover high core racing. Most importantly the graphics of the game are very outstanding and you will feel as if you are driving the cars in real life because the experience is very much breathtaking. Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk is rated as one of the best racing games of the present time.You can play Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk on your Android Smartphones and also on your tablets because this game is fully supporting the Android devices and it works best on all types of Android phones and tablets.

In Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk you can enjoy the very speedy and intense Highway Racing because this game is full of thrill and you will be racing your cars through the very big and broad Highways on which the cars are driven at a very high speed. But you also have to make sure that no accident occurs because if you get into any type of accident then the game will get over.

Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk is a very phenomenal car racing game where you can enjoy the ultimate experience of racing the excellent sports cars over the big Highways which are fully flooded with the traffic. It is an extremely challenging and exciting game and you will have a very breathtaking experience while playing it. So if you are the type of person who likes to play awesome racing games then you should definitely download Carx Highway Racing Mod Apk.

Racing video games give the player an opportunity to compete against other vehicles of the same type in a behind-the-wheel scenario or to compete against themselves and the clock in a timed race. The game varieties range from cars, trucks and ATVs to boats and even airplanes and include real-looking backgrounds to fantasy settings.There are five common categories to car racing games: arcade style, simulation racing, rally car, street racing and NASCAR.

Arcade style racing games differ from real driving in a few ways. In arcade-style racing, taking turns at high speeds is encouraged, while simulation racing games require the player to slow down for curves and turns, like driving in real life. Collisions tend to be more graphic and exaggerated and tend to focus on the racing experience, rather than real life details. Usually, however an arcade style racing game gives the player a steering wheel, a gas pedal and puts them inside the physical box of the game, lending to the impression the player is inside a vehicle.

The typical behavior of a vehicle determines how a game works in simulation racing. This type of game is typically targeted toward people with higher levels of racing skill, as precision and technique are beneficial in simulations. A racing series with many games based on its characteristics is the Formula One World Championship, which has cars racing at high speeds on specially built tracks and sometimes on former streets or roadways that have been closed and transformed into tracks.These games also are played with a controller held in the hand or by using buttons on a keyboard, rather than an actual steering wheel put into use. In some instances, a joystick is optional.

Anyone who enjoys the thrill of speed and time constraints or wishes to be their favorite racing hero would be interested in this genre of games. The player is interested in being put behind the wheel without the real-life consequences or price tag, all in the name of fun.

Highway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019 is the most addictive car race game ever! This game will let you be a great driver.The goal of this racer game is to drive your car in a realistic environment that you will love. But, keep in mind that you will have to drive your car very carefully because there is too much traffic there and you should not hit any car or you will lose. You can enjoy playing within 4 different modes and within 3 amazing environments. Sounds easy? But, would you be able to truly drive your car, go far without hitting cars and score the highest possible score?Why will you have to download and install Highway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019 on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other racing and driving games?NiceWe made some Cool and smooth high-quality graphics to give you the best experience while playing the greatest driving car race game ever! You will enjoy this endless racing game!Awesome cool cars graphics.A lot of different and realistic traffic to give you a thrilling experience in the best car simulator game ever.EasyOur game is very easy to play and you can start playing without watching any tutorials because the car will be very easy to control. You just need to show your driving skills.Crazy and unique gameplay, you would have never experienced before.Amazing EnvironmentsWe have 3 amazing 3D environments that you will love. You can play within Sunny, Night or Rainy environments.FreeOur car traffic racing game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there are No hidden fees and no annual subscription to enjoy the best car race game ever!EndlessHighway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019 is endless. Yes! it is endless. You will enjoy driving as much as you want because the only one who can stop you is you.Different modesChoose to play within One Way, Two Way, Time Attack or Speed Bomb modes.What are you waiting for? Download Highway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019 on your android smartphone or tablet and enjoy the most addictive car racing game ever!

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