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Not Perfect (Extended Mix)

If your recipe is out of balance and you have too many structural components and not enough weakeners, you make have a beautiful looking cake that is tall and fluffy, but it will likely be tough, chewy and unpalatable. Conversely, an unbalanced recipe that is heavy on weakeners may taste great but can be short in height and fall apart easily when stacked or cut. Bakers are constantly tweaking recipes to find the perfect balance of ingredients that will result in the best texture and taste great at the same time.

Not Perfect (Extended Mix)

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Benjamin Franklin told a French correspondent in 1788 that the formation of the new government had been like a game of dice, with many players of diverse prejudices and interests unable to make any uncontested moves. Madison wrote to Jefferson that the welding of these clashing interests was "a task more difficult than can be well conceived by those who were not concerned in the execution of it." When the delegates left Philadelphia after the convention, few, if any, were convinced that the Constitution they had approved outlined the ideal form of government for the country. But late in his life James Madison scrawled out another letter, one never addressed. In it he declared that no government can be perfect, and "that which is the least imperfect is therefore the best government."

There's a scene in the 2000 movie High Fidelity where music snob and all-around unlikable jerk Rob (played by John Cusack) talks about the "do's and don'ts" of making a great mixtape. I watched this movie before I was old enough to really understand that he was supposed to be an unlikable jerk, and as such, I've since been obsessed with the idea of making a perfect playlist (or mix CD, or compilation tape, or whatever).

But of course, not everyone has decades of experience as a DJ or decades of experience being annoyingly into High Fidelity, so we here at Life Kit came up with a few tips on crafting the perfect playlist.

For instance: a club playlist from Bobby might start with Lucky Daye's "Roll Some Mo" (a perfect take-off song! It's nearly all build-up!), which sets him up for the sure-fire crowd pleasers. These can be the big hits from Beyoncé or Cameo or Lizzo, depending on where he wants the night to go. He'll stay in that zone for a bit, and then to descend, maybe some Drake? Or Marvin Gaye? From there Bobby can land on something smoother and moodier from Daniel Caesar, and call it a wrap. 041b061a72

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