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Voluntary Work With Animals Worldwide

There are many different approaches to save endangered wildlife. Some animal conservation projects focus on protecting the habitat of the animals while other animal volunteer work focuses on injured and rescued animals in sanctuaries. In some cases, breeding critically endangered animals in a sanctuary environment is the last hope of conserving the species.

voluntary work with animals worldwide

In many countries worldwide, domesticated animals and pets face a very sad reality as well. Cats, dogs, and other popular pets are being abandoned by their owners and live on the streets where they reproduce and add to the problem of an overflow of street animals. It is estimated that there are about 600 million stray animals worldwide.

Social projects are dependent on volunteers in many different areas of animal protection. Take a look at the following categories to find out which animals need your help, what risks they are facing, and what you can do as a volunteer with animals abroad.

A lot of species are already affected today and are considered endangered because of their rapidly declining numbers. Some of the marine animals you could be working with during your animal volunteer work abroad are:

To prevent further damage to these endangered species and ensure their sustainable protection, you will also be working closely with coastal communities in environmental education and recycling programs.

If you would like to volunteer with wild animals in an exotic country but you still want to have some interaction with the animals, a primate conservation project is a great animal volunteer opportunity. There are many primate shelters and centers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that care for injured monkeys, animals rescued from the illegal pet trade, and orphaned baby monkeys that have lost their mothers due to hunting or other accidents.

You might think that you have to travel to faraway places and protect endangered wild animals to do your part, but the truth is that cats, dogs, and other pets worldwide are in dire need of care and love from volunteers as well. If you want to have close physical contact with the animals you are working with and you have a lot of love to give, volunteering with animals that live on the streets is just the right way for you to get involved.

If you consider a career in the field of veterinary medicine, volunteering with animals at an animal shelter could be the perfect chance to get an overview of your future work tasks and to become experienced in the handling of different animals. During your animal volunteer work abroad at a shelter, it is very likely that you will not only be working with cats and dogs but other small and big domesticated animals like:

Because animal protection and welfare is an important cause all over the world, there are various destinations that offer you the opportunity to volunteer with animals. Click on the map to see which projects are currently available in your favorite destination.

Join a volunteer adventure in Costa Rica to help sloths and other indigenous animals at a top wildlife rescue sanctuary! The program begins with an exciting Spanish language and culture week in San Jose.

Our partnership with the Galapagos National Park gives us exclusive access to the wilderness Darwin once studied. The work is hands-on, with the added benefit of learning from expert conservationists. This is a unique experience in a truly special environment.

Leaving behind their lives in the tourism industry, these gentle giants now live a wilder life in Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand, an area famous for its traditional elephant-keeping communities. Observe the elephants in their natural habitat and learn about elephant history, behaviour, training, biology, and social interactions directly from the people who have cared for and worked alongside these beautiful animals for centuries.

Animal Experience International is a certified B Corp, founded in January 2012. AEI matches clients wanting to gain animal related volunteer experience, with organizations around the world that require volunteers to assist with their programs. These programs involve animals in some capacity, and provide the client with the opportunity to work in an animal related field. Placements include, but not be limited to, animal hospitals, animal sanctuaries, wildlife rehabilitation centres, research projects, zoological/conservation projects and government programs.

While traveling abroad can be expensive, we feature wonderful international volunteer and work organizations such as International TEFL Academy (ITA). Through International TEFL Academy, you can get paid to live abroad as a professional English teacher in a country like Spain, Thailand, or Costa Rica. The organization offers TEFL training to get you certified to teach English abroad, then provides job placement services. Teaching English with ITA is a great way to do good while earning money and traveling the world.

Projects Abroad describes itself as providing the gold standard of volunteer support and safety so that travelers may fulfill their potential, discover themselves, and create positive change in the world. Long-term, sustainable solutions are at the core of their programs, where you can be part of their ongoing efforts to meet specific goals in places where extra support is critical. Projects Abroad works directly with local community members and organizations, ensuring that their work meets real needs.

In Nepal, Projects Abroad supports the work of local caregivers and teachers by focusing on improving early childhood development and literacy in care centers. During your time here, you will work with young children and assist with a variety of activities such as:

In addition to making a positive impact, African Impact also believes that volunteering abroad should be enjoyable. The organization offers a range of activities for volunteers, including teaching children in South Africa, assisting with wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe, working in hospitals or clinics in Kenya, and carrying out dolphin and marine research in Zanzibar.

Volunteering with African Impact allows individuals to gain new skills, knowledge and practical work experience, while also making a lasting impact on local communities and conservation efforts. The organization believes that volunteering in Africa helps to change perceptions and stereotypes about Africa and its people, while providing local communities with an exchange of culture, mindsets and ideas.

The Early Childhood Development Project in Cape Town offers volunteers the chance to work with vulnerable children in underprivileged townships. Volunteers will support children in foster care homes and pre-schools, providing them with access to education and care that they may not otherwise have access to. The project aims to make a positive, long-term impact on the lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with the support and education they need to succeed.

In addition to working with children, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town and all it has to offer. Cape Town has been named the Most Beautiful City in the World for the past 5 years, and is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife. Volunteers can take advantage of the many activities available in the city, such as hiking up Table Mountain, going paragliding, kayaking in the ocean, or visiting historic sites such as Robben Island.

Gain international experience in data analysis and machine learning with a remote internship program offered by Cerca Abroad. This internship will allow you to work with start-ups and organizations in Europe and contribute to the development of industrial-grade data analysis systems for extracting information from laboratory microscopes. With a focus on image classification analysis of nanomaterials, you will gain hands-on experience using popular tools and techniques. The program is open to undergraduate students with an academic background in Electrical/Electronic engineering, Chemical engineering or Software engineering, and strong interest in the subject matter. The program offers flexible duration options ranging from 100 to 350 hours and fees start from $700. Apply now for this opportunity to boost your career in this emerging field.

If you have completed at least one year of medical school, or are a qualified nurse or doctor, you can work with Agape Volunteers on the Kenya medical program. This is a great opportunity to use and develop your medical training, while saving lives with healthcare teams in the clinics and hospitals of Kenya. Your duties vary depending upon your experience level. Shadow professionals during your first few days, then perform basic procedures under supervision, including distributing medicines, dressing wounds, and assisting with births. Outside of volunteering, enjoy side trips such as safaris, beach weekends, mountain climbing, cultural city tours, and more. Fees start at 590 for one week.

Volunteers get the pleasure of working with Heather, the co-founder of Via Volunteers, and Jenny, the doctor who attends Fikelela once a week. Both are great sources of knowledge and really appreciate the assistance from volunteers.

NAV is dedicated to making sure that each international volunteer has the best experience possible and is able to work in close conjunction with communities across the continent. Volunteers are currently urgently needed in Malawi to assist with medical care, childcare, teaching, and sports coaching. Participants from Volunteer Forever are eligible for a reduced program fee that starts at an affordable $925 for a two week placement, which includes your room & board, transportation (including airport pickup), and contribution to the host community. 041b061a72

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