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Twitter votes only count when the category hashtag and a corresponding nominee hashtag are used together in the same post. Visit online at, People's Choice Awards Facebook and People's Choice Awards Twitter to see the nominees.

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Even though the Internet Movie Database, (,attracted 2.5 million visitors worldwide on Oscar Sunday, the Academy Awardsshow did not produce a significant jump for this site and traffic rose only 3percent versus the previous Sunday (February 26). Worldwide traffic was virtually flat on Oscar night compared to the previous Sunday,and decreased by 13 percent compared to the day before the show.

Gerald: So I run digital operations and product for E! Entertainment Television, and that focuses on all the digital aspects of E! Entertainment. So it's, all the mobile websites, mobile apps. We have about seven apps on the marketplace. It includes our video distribution of content out to iTunes, Xbox, Sony PlayStation. We also have a big content syndication business that goes out to Hulu, YouTube,, pretty much any premium outlet that you can find on the digital space. 041b061a72

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