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While the Net and media community absorbs Friday's confirmation that the Our First Time "teen virgins" webcast was a hoax, the site that promised to host the bogus event is taking its lumps from a cracker bent on revenge. The cracker has reportedly deleted the whole Web site.

Do I feel safe in my community and at school? My answer is "No, I do not feel safe in my community or at school." I don't feel safe because teenagers are at high risk for three reasons: 1) drugs; 2) violence; and 3) teen pregnancy.

Part of my dilemma may be that I was home schooled for two years prior to entering high school and had not experienced this behavior first hand. However, I attended a Milwaukee elementary school for a few years and experienced different problems. For instance, teachers talked to me with no respect and called me stupid among other things. In high school, it is the students who talk to you with no respect and if they don't talk to you, then they talk about you, which usually leads to some form of violence. Unfortunately, there are too many days when fighting occurs in my school. For example, one day there were three fights in 15 minutes. During another week we had eighteen fights in two days. Most fights take place for stupid reasons such as, someone looked at another person "wrong," someone said something about another student, or someone just doesn't like you. There are times when someone doesn't like you because you have "good sense" and have been taught morals.

Teenage pregnancy is another area I am concerned about. Teenage pregnancy is running rampant in my school. In the lower level of my school there is a program set up for pregnant teens. The girls that are in this program walk around like it is good to be pregnant before they get married or like it is a good thing to be pregnant while still in high school. My fear comes because I am a freshman in high school, and many of the girls my age have children or are pregnant. This atmosphere creates a lot of pressure on my friends and me because we don't have anything in common with these pregnant girls. They realize their mistake and constantly tell us to stay virgins and not to end up like them.

These areas really have an impact on our studies and achievements. Until we are able to get drug traffic, violence in our schools and communities, and teenage pregnancy under control, there will always be young people, like myself, simply 041b061a72

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