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Where To Buy Tiles In Nyc UPD

The 'jeans and t-shirt' of tiles: affordable staples of the tile world. dress them up with some handcrafted artisanal offerings, or keep them pared down to their simple form. ideal for first-time home buyers or those creating that high-low look; the budget conscious; and those looking for more consistency and less variation.

where to buy tiles in nyc

These are our roots: artisan tiles that embrace the imperfections of the hand: think sun-dried clay rolled into blocks and cut by hand, wood-fired tile, or pigments hand-poured into intricate molds. typically created in small batches, no two tiles are perfectly alike. we recommend hiring an installer experienced with these materials.

Where art meets tile. these are the boundary-breaking tiles that have put clé at the forefront of tile design, featuring exclusive offerings, unexpected materials, and collaborations with artists from across the globe. consider these for accent walls or for the focal point of a room. we recommend hiring an installer experienced with these materials.

Tiles Unlimited was founded in 2004 as a provider of high-quality tiles for general use as well as specialized kitchen and bathroom selections. While our specialization has remained the same, a shared dedication for quality tile products and customer satisfaction has nudged our humble business forward on its way to becoming a premier tile store in Queens, NY.

Restore balance in your home with neutral hues and organic forms that take you back to nature. As with all FLOR rugs, these styles are made of durable carpet tiles, making them washable and easy to size for any space.

The health and safety of everyone is so important, and at the same time, we know that everyone is anxious to continue moving forward with their projects, and we are pleased that New York City has reached a stage where we can offer hours and appointments.

These 8x8 tiles were produced for RND Corner Grill in Lawrence, Kansas. The tiles consist of black and white geometric designs and there are 2 different tiles that make up the design. The tiles compliment the whole facade of the bar!

these 8- x 8-inch, ceramic tiles are available in six different colorways: blush, cloud, ebony, mint, sapphire and terracotta. all are designed to be used either individually or mixed-n-matched to create unique patterns with unlimited design options.

Imagine Tile's custom capabilities were utilized here to create the four different "P" logos spanning the history of the Phillies franchise, creating a unique sense of nostalgia. The detailed logos were incorporated in a series of tiles that became an accent strip on the walls of the club level concession stands.

Imagine Tile has spent the last decade creating and producing commercially rated ceramic tiles for use in hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential markets. Using patented glazing technologies, Imagine Tile works directly with architects, designers and homeowners to reproduce textures, patterns, photos, illustrations and even three-dimensional images into tiles that are commercially rated for high traffic indoor and outdoor use.

During peak footfall periods, Pavegen expects to generate an output of 100 watts of power; each tile is expected to generated 4 watts of power with each step. In one year, the floor tiles should generate enough energy to:

Some of our more popular options include vintage tiles by well-known manufacturers such as Luxfer Prism Company, American Encaustic Tiling Co., Trent, A.M. Ltd., Robertson Tile Co., A.E. Tile Co., Beaver Falls and Grespania.

If you are looking to improve your bathroom or kitchen in NYC, then you have come to the right place. Our team of professionals makes sure that everything is in tip top condition, from your counters and shower to sinks and tiles.

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These stairways lead down to a mezzanine area, where fares were once collected at an ornate oak ticket booth. The mezzanine features one of various self-supporting vaulted tile ceilings designed by master artisan Rafael Guastavino for the station, as well as a leaded glass skylight. What we would now consider white subway tile lines the walls, crowned by green tile arches and red Roman brick laid in a herringbone pattern surrounding the skylight. The white, green, and red colors contrast with the blue glass in the skylight to a stunning effect.

Q. My bathroom floor tiles are cracked and old. What's the difference between replacing tiles completely versus tiling over existing tiles, in terms of aesthetics, functionality, price, length of the job, etc.? Also, while we're at it, can wall tiles be replaced?

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