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Erica Lauren

Erica Lauren is a Caucasian American pornstar who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Standing a tall 5 feet 9 inches she only weighs about 120 pounds making her very slim. Her body measures 34C-24-37 and does achieve that shape with the help of a breast augmentation surgery that she has received. Miss Lauren doesn't have any tattoos anywhere on her body and the only body parts that she has pierced are her ear lobes. She has been known by a couple of alias names in different film credits including Casey Clover and Erica."When she began her climb to pornstar fame she was already beginning her fifties and the year was 2004. Getting a later start in the business than most people, Erica had already had a long career in modeling. Among her other credits are co-hosting local television shows, live events, comedy clubs and even acting in films. When her divorce came along, it really hurt her income to the point where she had to take an office job. Fate threw her another curve ball when she got laid off from that job not much later. Erica recalled seeing an advertisement that talked about how much money girls could make for working as an adult actress. Naturally as a fifty year old woman, she fits in perfectly with the mature and MILF genre of adult films. Her timing could not have been better because there was a big upswing taking place across the industry in that genre when she got into it.The first scene that she ever appeared in was in the movie "Older and Anal 19" which was produced by Filmco Releasing. In this movie she appears with Dino Bravo in the very first scene. He plays the role of a man who is about half of her age and that is close to true. She seduces him easily with her years of experience and soon has his stiffening prick in her mouth. After kneeling in front of him and sucking on his dick, she turns around and spreads her pussy lips for him and he fucks her from behind. Next she straddles him and slides up and down on his hard cock and then really grinds against it, making him go as deep inside of her as possible. When she is on her knees again he pushes his dick into her ass and they have anal sex in several different positions. Before it's all over she kneels in front of him once again and strokes his dick until he delivers a facial cumshot for her. Miss Lauren appears on the front DVD cover on her hands and knees and with a big smile on her face, looking like she's been a pornstar all of her life."Even at the age of fifty plus, Erica has a really impressive body and it would still be impressive if she were twenty five. One might have thought that after some years getting pounded in porn movies that she might get out of shape but the contrary is true. Her body has only become more toned and tight since her start in the business and she even placed second in the 2012 bikini competition held in Los Angeles.Ms. Lauren also acknowledges that she's in the best shape of her life. Looking back at some of her prior modeling photographs makes her cringe because she had let herself get a bit flabby and out of shape. Saying that she is still working on her abdominal muscles "because I know there's a six-pack in there somewhere", Ms. Lauren works out hard and often to maintain her figure. Going forward she hopes to inspire women of all ages to go ahead and do whatever it is that they've been wanting to and that being in shape can start at any age."When she is asked how long she can stay in porn at her age, she says that she would like it to be until nobody wants to see it anymore. Realistically she doesn't know the exact answer but it's something like as long as they keep asking her to do it and as long as she keeps wanting to do it, then she will do it. As a very conscientious person, Erica takes her personal health and safety very seriously and always keeps her medical records as up to date as possible. Even more so than the once a month that is required. The simple fact is that for her it's very important to always feel comfortable doing what she's doing and this is a way that she can do that. She does point out that she knows it's much more rare for a performer to get a disease than the general public. But because a pornstar with an STD will get a lot of negative press, it's very important to prevent it completely."Erica is asked whether she likes working with the regular male performers or ones her own age. This makes her laugh and reply that there are almost no performers who are as old as she is! Still she is able to say that a typical male pornstar is great because he has a lot of stamina and can keep his dick hard for a long time. Men her age would have to take a pill to get a dick that hard but at least he wouldn't pound her too hard like sometimes happens these days. With a guy full of sexual energy it can be a rough fuck for an older woman but it's not like she's complaining."

erica lauren

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