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How to Read The Lotterys Plus One Online or Offline in Epub, Mobi, Pdf and Fb2

The Lotterys Plus One: A Book Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a big, multicultural, and unconventional family? If so, you might want to check out The Lotterys Plus One, a delightful novel by Emma Donoghue, the author of Room. The book tells the story of the Lotterys, a family of four parents, seven children, and several pets, who live together in a spacious house in Toronto. Their lives are turned upside down when they have to take in Grumps, the grumpy and estranged grandfather of one of the dads. The book is a heartwarming and humorous story that explores the themes of family, diversity, and acceptance.

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The Lotterys are a unique and unconventional family

The Lotterys are not your typical family. They got their name from winning the lottery, which allowed them to buy a huge Victorian house that they call Camelottery. They have four parents: two dads (PopCorn and PapaDum) and two moms (CardaMom and MaxiMum), who are all in love with each other. They have seven children: six adopted (Sic, Catalpa, Aspen, Wood, Sumac, Oak) and one biological (Brian), who are all named after trees. They also have a menagerie of pets: a dog (Nibs), a cat (Snickers), a rat (Lucky), a parrot (Karma), and some fish. They homeschool their children and let them pursue their own passions, such as art, science, sports, or music. They celebrate different cultures and religions, such as Diwali, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. They are also eco-friendly and socially conscious, using solar panels, composting bins, bicycles, and donating to charities.

The conflict arises when Grumps, the estranged grandfather, comes to live with them

The trouble starts when PopCorn's father, Iain Miller, suffers from a fire in his home in Yukon. PopCorn decides to bring him back to Toronto to take care of him. Iain is soon nicknamed Grumps by the children, because he is always grumpy and unhappy. He suffers from dementia and has trouble remembering things or recognizing people. He also has trouble adjusting to the Lotterys' lifestyle. He smokes cigarettes, eats meat, watches TV, and drives a car. He clashes with the children, especially Sumac, who has to give up her room for him. He challenges the Lotterys' values and beliefs. He thinks they are too weird, too noisy, too messy, too diverse.

The resolution comes when the Lotterys and Grumps learn to understand and appreciate each other

The situation improves when the Lotterys and Grumps learn to understand and appreciate each other. Sumac tries to connect with Grumps by showing him photos and videos of his past, such as his wedding, his army service, and his fishing trips. She learns more about his life and his personality. Grumps helps the Lotterys with some practical tasks, such as fixing the roof, mowing the lawn, and baking a cake. He shows them his softer side, such as his love for his wife, his pride for his son, and his fondness for animals. The Lotterys celebrate Grumps' birthday and make him feel welcome. They give him gifts, sing songs, and play games. They realize that he is not so bad after all, and that he is part of their family.


The Lotterys Plus One is a enjoyable and meaningful book for readers of all ages. It shows the beauty and the challenges of living in a large, multicultural, and unconventional family. It teaches us to respect and celebrate our differences, as well as to find our similarities. It reminds us that family is not defined by blood, but by love. If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and think, you should definitely read The Lotterys Plus One. You might even want to join the Lotterys in their next adventure!


  • Who is the author of The Lotterys Plus One?

  • Emma Donoghue is the author of The Lotterys Plus One. She is an Irish-Canadian writer who is best known for her novel Room, which was adapted into an Oscar-winning film.

  • What is the genre of The Lotterys Plus One?

  • The Lotterys Plus One is a realistic fiction novel for young adults. It is set in contemporary Toronto and follows the lives of a fictional family.

  • What are some of the themes of The Lotterys Plus One?

  • Some of the themes of The Lotterys Plus One are family, diversity, acceptance, identity, memory, and change.

  • What are some of the symbols of The Lotterys Plus One?

  • Some of the symbols of The Lotterys Plus One are trees, which represent the children's names and personalities; Camelottery, which represents the family's home and happiness; and Grumps' hat, which represents his past and his dementia.

  • Is there a sequel to The Lotterys Plus One?

  • Yes, there is a sequel to The Lotterys Plus One. It is called The Lotterys More or Less, and it was published in 2018. It follows the Lotterys as they face a power outage during a winter storm.


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