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Emc Vnx Visio Stencils ((FREE))

I can hit F2 to edit the text, as normal, but it will not display. On other downloaded shapes/stencils, if I right-clicked on the shape/stencil, I would have the option to hide/show shape text, but it doesn't exist on this one. I have looked in the shapesheet data, and "hide text" is already set to false. In developer options, the text is not protected.

Emc Vnx Visio Stencils

Download File:

In my role as an Advisory Solutions Architect I create a good bit of documents for internal and external customers. Today I am working on an Avamar and Data Domain solution. EMC is fairly good at providing Visio stencils. A bit more for their core (VNX/VMAX) products then for some of their other products.

Every couple of months when I go to put together a new PowerPoint presentation or Visio diagram I always find myself looking for VMware related graphics or stencils to use. I do install them on my laptop or main desktop PC though for whatever reason due to a new OS rebuild or similar I never seem to have them local to me, also I like to ensure that I am using the latest and greatest diagrams or stencils if possible.

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