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[S5E10] Faith

A talented child actor who quite resembles Patrick J. Adams plays Mike as a child of about 11, and comes off as both bright and sensitive in flashback scenes. In one, Grammy (who is not made up to look much younger than the last time we saw her, in the recent present) tells him his parents have died in a car accident. In another, a Catholic priest named Father Walker tries to comfort him, but young Mike is already on the road to becoming a pot-smoking, jaded dropout who has lost faith in God, saints and stupid shit like rules.

[S5E10] Faith

Thankfully this leap of faith is well placed, as Bobbie dons her spacesuit and grabs Naomi. Unfortunately in the ensuing charge across space, Alex winds up having a stroke and dies onboard his ship. Bobbie grabs Naomi and they await the Roci showing up to save them from this ordeal.

Angie took a huge leap of faith when she quit her New York job to work as a producer on Home Town. After falling in love with Laurel, Mississippi, she's ready to make it her permanent address, and Ben and Erin help their boss find her dream home.

Another thing Elizabeth is unexpectedly comfortable with in this scene? The religious element. Having grown up as a loyal Marxist in the Soviet Union, she's made her disgust for religion quite clear throughout the entire series, regularly exhibiting disdain for her daughter's burgeoning faith. But more so than she's ever done with Paige, she opens herself up to the concept of God in "Darkroom," happily partaking in a sacrament that bonds her to the man with whom she's spent nearly 20 years.

It's unlikely, however, that Elizabeth agreeing to a religious wedding means she's had a complete change of heart. She's lived for two decades as a foreigner, speaking a foreign language and using a name that isn't her own. Any opportunity she has to slip back into her identity as Nadezhda, Soviet citizen, is a rare one, so if it means listening to a Russian priest talk about God and partake in a few faith-based rituals, it's worth the sacrifice.

A pack of feral dogs, one a Doberman still wearing a collar, appear and begin to bark at the group. Before the others react, Sasha dispatches the dogs with a silenced weapon, which unsettles the others. Rick begins to prepare a fire. The group cook and eat the dog meat, but Noah instead stares at the discarded dog collar. Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire, signifying his lost faith.

Chloe tracks the colors to Van Ness high, where the deceased's wife works. She poisoned him with chemicals ordered for her chem lab. She was driven to it because her husband was never satisfied with anything. After 20 years, she finally snapped and ended her pain. She tries burning Chloe with a Bunsen burner, but Lucifer smothers the flame at the cost of his right sleeve. Seeing the impossible, the woman gives no resistance. As the woman is taken away, Chloe approaches the unhappy Lucifer, he tells her he and his father are too far gone to be mended; Chloe disagrees, telling him there's hope, that she has faith in him. 041b061a72

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