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Vampires Of The Ancient Aliens

This book follows a group of people, one of which is Sydney who is pregnant, who have just survived the war. However, what they are about to find out is far worse than the war. Alien vampires who have come to the Earth with the intention of stealing human children and making humans their food. But not everything will go their way as one of the humans, Phil, is determined to fight them and save Sydney.

Vampires of the Ancient Aliens


I know what you are thinking. Zombies, vampires and werewolves are just an entertaining product of human imagination. But not completely. Our mythology is strongly influenced by real-world horror stories. One ancient disease in particular links all of them. Let me give you a few hints.

Many complained that the defeat of world-conquering aliens by a silly weapon like ordinary tap water was completely unrealistic. But the motif of an evil creature being afraid of a water splash is common: Freddy in Freddy vs. Jason, the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz and others. Where does this ridiculous idea originate from, who used it first? Check this video of a terminal rabies patient:

As scientists discover new fossil specimens and re-examine fossils in museum collections, they may tweak the positions of ancient species on the tree of life. This new study suggests T. wellsi was a mollusk, but its taxonomic status is still up for debate. Mark Purnell, a professor of palaeobiology at the University of Leicester in England, told the Guardian (opens in new tab) that the presence of a radula does not definitively declare the species to be a mollusk, because animal lineages can evolve radula-like features independently from one another.

Ahkasha Bloodriver and the other dark lords are trying to figure out how to help monsters coexist with humans. but when a spacecraft with a sheild and an "S" crash lands on a farm in Smallville, which containes an alien baby, the Dark Lords decide that this alien child grows up he will become a student in their achademy. when the alien child, Clark Kent becomes a teenager, he receives a folder in the mail saying that he has bee invited to be enrolled in yokai achademy. when he arrives he meets a vampire named moka and soon after a bunch of plot twists, the two meet other monster girls like Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby. together they have wonderous adventures. eventually once clark finds an ancient alien ship he meets a ghost of his true father who tells him that his home planet, Krypton was doomed because they exausted all their natural resources causing the planets core to become unstable. however Kal-El's mother and father placed him in a spaceship called the bithing matrix along with an ancient kryptonian artifact called the Codex. then they laughing their child off into space before Krypton Exploded. but what clark doesnt know, when activating the sccoutship, he accidentally tiggers a becon into space wich attracks a former military leader of Krypton named General Zod who intends on turning earth into a new Krypton. together with his monster girl friends, Clark must do whatever it takes to save Earth as the new arising hero "Superman".

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