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How Nakshatra Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat | Watch Online Free

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If you are looking for a thrilling and suspenseful movie to watch online for free, you might want to check out Nakshatra. Nakshatra is a Hindi movie that was released in 2010 and directed by Mohan Savalkar. It stars Shubh Mukherjee, Sabina Sheema, Milind Soman, Anupam Kher, and others in a story that revolves around a priceless diamond necklace that is stolen and a scriptwriter who becomes the prime suspect. In this article, we will tell you more about Nakshatra, where you can watch it online for free, and how you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Nakshatra full movie in hindi watch online free


What is Nakshatra?

Nakshatra is a Hindi thriller film that was released on 29 October 2010 under the R Vision banner. The film is written and directed by Mohan Savalkar, who also wrote films like Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi and Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa. The film is produced by Ravindra Singh, who is also a singer and composer. The music of the film is composed by Dj Sheizwood, Sameer Sen, and Harry Anand. The cinematography of the film is done by Roopang Aacharya, and the editing by Sanjay Sankla.

A brief summary of the plot

The plot of Nakshatra follows Ajay Kapoor (Shubh Mukherjee), an aspiring scriptwriter who lives in Mumbai with his parents' good friends and their daughter Jiya (Sabina Sheema), whom he loves. Ajay is frustrated as he is not able to get any good offers for his work. One day, he gets an opportunity to write a script for a movie based on the idea of a robbery given to him by four shady producers - Nihal (Shubh), Neha (Niharika Shah), Naman (Anup Shukla), and Nisha (Rozza Catalano). Ajay writes an impressive script that involves cracking the secret password of the security system that guards an expensive necklace called "Nakshatra" in the city museum.

Luckily for Ajay, his script gets approved by the producers and he gets paid handsomely. He also gets engaged to Jiya with the blessing of her parents. However, things take a turn for the worse when Ajay's plot of the robbery matches with that of a real one in the city. The Nakshatra necklace is stolen from the museum, and Ajay becomes the prime suspect as he had access to the password. He gets arrested on his engagement day by Inspector Gupte (Milind Soman), who is investigating the case.

On the way to the police station, Ajay's van is attacked by some goons, and he is set free by unknown people. Ajay realizes that he has been framed by someone and decides to prove his innocence. He goes on a run from both the police and the real culprits, who are trying to kill him. He also tries to find out who is behind the conspiracy. Along the way, he meets Kiran, who is also looking for Alexander, and they join forces to uncover the truth. He also learns that Jiya is in danger, as she has been kidnapped by Rahul and his gang. Will Ajay be able to save Jiya and clear his name? Will he find out who killed Alexander and why? Will he be able to expose the real mastermind behind the robbery? These are some of the questions that Nakshatra tries to answer in its thrilling climax.

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie boasts of a talented cast and crew, who have worked hard to bring the story to life. Here are some of the main actors and their roles in the movie:



Shubh Mukherjee

Ajay Kapoor, the protagonist and an aspiring scriptwriter

Sabina Sheema

Jiya Khanna, Ajay's love interest and fiancee

Milind Soman

Inspector Gupte, the crime branch officer who is investigating the robbery case

Anupam Kher

Sharad Desai, a wealthy industrialist and socialite who helps Ajay get his script approved

Rozza Catalano

Nisha, one of the four producers who hires Ajay for writing the script

Anant Jog

The police commissioner who assigns Gupte to the case

Gajendra Chauhan

The museum director who is in charge of the Nakshatra necklace

Suhas Khandke

Col Khanna, Jiya's father and Ajay's guardian

Mahru Sheikh

Jiya's mother and Ajay's guardian

Tanish Alladi Rahul, Sharad's son and the main antagonist who plots the robbery and kills Alexander

Jhuma Biswas A veterinary doctor who helps Ajay when he is injured

Niharika Shah Neha, one of the four producers who hires Ajay for writing the script

Anup Shukla Naman, one of the four producers who hires Ajay for writing the script

Shubh Nihal, one of the four producers who hires Ajay for writing the script

Malaika Arora A singer who performs a special song in the movie

Suresh Chatwal Mehta, a lawyer who defends Ajay in court

Sivaji Raja Constable Sitaram, a former police officer and Jamuna's father who reveals Alexander's death to Ajay

Roshni Shetty Astha, Jiya's friend and colleague

Mamta Dutta Niharika, Sharad's wife and Rahul's mother

The director of the movie is Mohan Savalkar, who has also written the screenplay and dialogues. The music composers are Dj Sheizwood, Sameer Sen, and Harry Anand. The lyrics are written by Harry Anand, Rani Malik, and Nawab Arzoo. The singers are Kalpana Chauhan, Taraannum Mallik, Sonu Kakkar, Ravindra Singh, Ujwala Jadhav, Shubh Mukherjee, Sabina Sheema, Harry Anand, and Malaika Arora. The cinematographer is Roopang Aacharya, and the editor is Sanjay Sankla.

The reception and reviews of the movie

The movie was released on 29 October 2010 in India. It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the performances of the actors, especially Shubh Mukherjee and Milind Soman. Some also appreciated the music and cinematography of the movie. However, many criticized the movie for its weak plot, poor direction, lack of originality, and logical loopholes. The movie was also compared unfavorably with other heist movies like Dhoom, Don, and Race. The movie failed to make an impact at the box office and was declared a flop.

Where to watch Nakshatra online for free?

If you are interested in watching Nakshatra online for free, you have several options to choose from. However, not all of them are legal and safe. Some of them may expose you to malware, viruses, pop-ups, and other risks. Therefore, we recommend that you use only the legal and safe streaming platforms that have the rights to show the movie. Here are some of them:

The legal and safe streaming platforms

One of the best platforms to watch Nakshatra online for free is YouTube. The movie is available on the official channel of R Vision India Pvt Ltd, the production house of the movie. You can watch the full movie in HD quality without any interruptions or ads. You can also leave your comments and feedback on the movie. Here is the link to the movie on YouTube: [Nakshatra Full Movie in Hindi Watch Online Free].

Another platform to watch Nakshatra online for free is MX Player. MX Player is a popular video streaming app that offers a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, web series, music videos, and more. You can watch Nakshatra on MX Player without any subscription or registration. You can also download the movie for offline viewing. Here is the link to the movie on MX Player: [Nakshatra Full Movie in Hindi Watch Online Free].

A third platform to watch Nakshatra online for free is Hungama Play. Hungama Play is an entertainment app that provides access to movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and more. You can watch Nakshatra on Hungama Play with a free trial of 30 days. After that, you can either continue with a paid subscription or cancel it anytime. You can also earn coins by watching videos and redeem them for rewards. Here is the link to the movie on Hungama Play: [Nakshatra Full Movie in Hindi Watch Online Free].

The benefits and drawbacks of watching online

Watching Nakshatra online for free has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can watch the movie anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device.

  • You can save money and time by not going to the theater or buying DVDs.

  • You can choose from different streaming platforms and quality options according to your preference.

  • You can pause, rewind, fast-forward, or skip parts of the movie as you wish.

  • You can share your views and opinions on the movie with other online viewers.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  • You may not get the same cinematic experience as watching the movie on a big screen with surround sound.

  • You may face technical issues such as buffering, lagging, low resolution, or broken links.

  • You may miss out on some of the special features and extras that come with DVDs or Blu-rays.

  • You may violate the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and distributors by watching pirated or unauthorized copies of the movie.

  • You may expose yourself to cyber threats such as malware, viruses, pop-ups, phishing, and identity theft by visiting untrustworthy or illegal websites.

The tips and tricks to enhance your viewing experience

If you want to enjoy watching Nakshatra online for free to the fullest, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow:

  • Choose a reliable and legal streaming platform that has good reviews and ratings.

  • Check the internet speed and bandwidth before starting the movie. Ideally, you should have at least 5 Mbps for HD quality and 25 Mbps for 4K quality.

  • Use a VPN service if you want to access geo-restricted or blocked content.

  • Use an ad-blocker or a pop-up blocker if you want to avoid annoying or intrusive ads.

  • Use headphones or speakers if you want to improve the sound quality and immersion.

  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color settings of your screen according to your comfort level.

  • Avoid distractions such as phone calls, messages, notifications, or other people while watching the movie.

  • Watch the movie in one sitting or take short breaks if needed.


A recap of the main points

In this article, we have given you an overview of Nak shatra, a Hindi thriller movie that was released in 2010. We have told you about the plot, the cast and crew, and the reception and reviews of the movie. We have also told you where you can watch Nakshatra online for free, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of watching online. We have also given you some tips and tricks to enhance your viewing experience.

A call to action for the readers

We hope that you have found this article helpful and informative. If you are interested in watching Nakshatra online for free, we suggest that you use one of the legal and safe streaming platforms that we have mentioned above. You can also share this article with your friends and family who might enjoy watching this movie. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Nakshatra and their answers:

  • What is the meaning of Nakshatra?

Nakshatra is a Sanskrit word that means "star" or "constellation". In Hindu astrology, Nakshatras are the 27 lunar mansions or divisions of the ecliptic. Each Nakshatra has a specific name, symbol, deity, and characteristics. The Nakshatra necklace in the movie is named after these celestial bodies.

  • Who is the real mastermind behind the robbery in Nakshatra?

The real mastermind behind the robbery in Nakshatra is Rahul (Tanish Alladi), who is Sharad Desai's son and Nisha's lover. He planned the robbery with Nisha and her three partners, Nihal, Neha, and Naman. He also killed Alexander, who was his father's friend and Jiya's uncle, as he knew the password of the security system. He framed Ajay for the crime by using his script as a blueprint.

  • How does Ajay prove his innocence in Nakshatra?

Ajay proves his innocence in Nakshatra by finding out the truth about Rahul and his gang. He also gets help from Kiran, who is Alexander's daughter and a journalist. She had recorded a video of Rahul killing Alexander on her phone, which she gives to Ajay. Ajay also gets support from Inspector Gupte, who realizes that he was wrong about him. Ajay confronts Rahul at his farmhouse, where he rescues Jiya and recovers the necklace. He also exposes Rahul's involvement in front of his father and the police.

  • What is the rating of Nakshatra on IMDb?

The rating of Nakshatra on IMDb is 4.1 out of 10, based on 63 user reviews. The movie has received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike.

  • Is Nakshatra available on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

No, Nakshatra is not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime as of now. However, you can watch it on YouTube, MX Player, or Hungama Play for free.


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