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Feel This Moment (Club Extended Mix)

"'Feel This Moment' is a special record, and to work with Christina Aguilera is an honor, a blessing, someone that I highly respected, as far as her talent, her voice, her range that she can take it, and I think 'Feel This Moment' is gonna be a great record, because it's got a very powerful sample and everybody's gonna dance too. On top of that, when I say 'Feel this Moment' is basically, 'feel life, don't live life for a moment, live life for life, that is your moment.'"

Feel This Moment (Club Extended Mix)

This group also has extended its work for the benefit of students at the University of Teheran. And since there is no organized plan of a recreational character for the students at the university, the society has set up quarters just opposite the school. Besides giving lessons in English, they will put on a social program, show movies, and run a snack bar. It is felt that this will be a real service to the young people at the university.

The proudest moment is seeing my students transform from individuals first learning how to hold a needle, to professional Medical Laboratory Technologists. It's amazing what our program manages to accomplish in such a short period of time. Our program has a steep learning curve and engagement is pretty much a requirement for success. Seeing our students enter into the medical field with professional licensure and a passion for what they do has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

Overall, this first semester was a tough one personally. Adjusting to grad school life (on top of moving to new country!) was significant. I can say that there were a few angry tears shed during first semester, and there definitely some low moments, understandably so in my opinion. 041b061a72

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