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Battling With Elegance And A Big Smile!

In town, she meets a familiar-looking girl named Ariana, who tries to cheer Serena up, advising her to smile and inviting her along for some shopping and lunch. When she hears about what happened, Ariana reminds Serena of the close partnership she shares with her Pokémon and suggests that she apologize to them.

Battling with Elegance And a Big Smile!

Absentmindedly staring into the window of a shop, a miserable Serena decides that she is a failure as a Pokémon Performer. While lost in thought, a girl walks up behind her and comments on the hats in the window of the shop, thinking Serena is having trouble deciding which one to get. She introduces herself, somewhat hesitantly, as Ariana and invites Serena to go shopping with her, telling Serena how smiling is the most important thing when it comes to performing with one's Pokémon. While shopping, Serena and Ariana continue talking about Pokémon Performers. Serena is still very down on herself for her mistake in the Coumarine City Pokémon Showcase, which Ariana had watched on Pokévision, but Ariana tells her that everybody makes mistakes and to keep working with her Pokémon. Serena, enjoying their conversation, begins to smile again and Ariana says that people will love her smile. While the two girls share a meal together, Ariana suggests that Serena's first step to make amends with her Pokémon be to simply apologize, because she and Fennekin are always together and even though Pancham isn't always very honest with himself, he cares about Serena, too.

As James and Meowth fish, Jessie is angered Shauna won the Showcase instead of her. Meowth promises they'll do anything to help Jessie win this time. Jessie is pleased to hear this, thinking she will control Kalos after becoming the Queen. Meowth believes the Pokémon will follow her as well, but James is sceptical about it. Serena observes herself in a store window, reflecting on what she has done today. A girl approaches her, thinking the hat behind the glass would look good on Serena, who is surprised and explains she was thinking of something else. The girl tells Serena she shouldn't make a gloomy face like that or else it'll stick to her. Serena smiles, pleasing the girl, who lets her know it's the secret to being a cute girl. The girl asks her to go shopping with her since it's boring to go alone. Serena feels she knows the girl, who introduces herself as Arianna. She gets behind Serena and pushes her to the first boutique.

Arianna asks Serena for a Double Battle, since she may learn a new thing or two, and Serena accepts. Maria sends out Aromatisse and Delphox against Fennekin and Pancham. Serena orders Fennekin to use Scratch, but Aromatisse blocks it with Reflect while Delphox uses Mystical Fire, burning Pancham's rump. Bonnie notices the grace with which Delphox and Aromatisse battle. Maria asks Serena about their performance, telling Serena for the first time that she is a Performer followed by a wink. Serena has Pancham use Stone Edge on Aromatisse, but it's still blocked by Reflect. Arianna tells Serena both Pokémon need to attack together; if they attack one at a time they won't accomplish anything. Serena has Pancham use Stone Edge again, but this time the stones serve as a means for Fennekin to jump up to where Reflect can't reach. Now in position, Fennekin uses Flamethrower; Arianna has Delphox counter it with its own Flamethrower. The two identical attacks collide, but since Delphox's is stronger the tide quickly shifts in its favor, knocking Fennekin to the ground. Arianna has Aromatisse use Charge Beam, but Pancham intervenes to protect Fennekin using Dark Pulse. Feeling cornered, Serena is unsure what to do before remembering what Arianna told her earlier about her smile. She smiles, assuring her Pokémon it will be all right since they're her precious partners. Fennekin is profoundly touched. Standing up on all fours, she begins to glow and change shape, growing over two feet in height until she's a head shorter than Serena. Her two front legs become arms, her shoulders gain tufts of fluff and her hind legs turn black. Most noticeably, a stick emerges from her tail to serve as her wand.

The light fades on Serena's newly evolved Braixen. Serena is pleased and Arianna tells her Braixen evolved because she was able to link her heart with her. Filled to the brim with new confidence, Serena has Braixen and Pancham use Flamethrower and Dark Pulse, landing a successful double hit on Maria's Pokémon and creating a lovely display of fireworks on the side. Arianna announces that the gloves are off now. Serena nods in agreement, saying the same goes for her too. The air crackles with tension as the two combatants prepare for the final showdown... which comes to nothing as Arianna's phone rings, ruining the moment completely. Arianna answers and apologizes to Serena, saying she has to go. She recalls her Pokémon, tells Serena to never forget her smile and bids them farewell.

Delphox has appeared in the anime in the episode: 'Battling with elegance and a big smile!' Where it fought Serena's Fennekin/ Braixen under the trainer Aria. It also made a appearance in 'Diancie and the death cocoon'.

Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship was best demonstrated when Grace made her practice Rhyhorn riding, an activity Serena had hated doing. However, their relationship is also very loving as shown in later episodes. Although shown to have a strong will, Serena can be sensitive and insecure at times as seen in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!. When she was frustrated with her Pokémon, she lashes out when at her limit and leaves to cool off in shame. She is also shown to lose her composure when pushed to a wall, becoming unsure of herself. Despite this however, Serena manages to pick herself back up by reminding herself to not give up, bringing up her confidence and also encouraging her Pokémon to do their best despite the odds. This is shown when two of her Pokémon evolve from responding to her resolve. While battling isn't her primary focus, Serena has shown herself to be a competent battler, at least partially due to picking up Ash's battling style after seeing him battle countless times.

In Battling at Full Volume!, Serena decided to pose as Ash who had gotten a cold from training with Greninja and Pikachu, to face off against an eccentric guitarist named Jimmy with Ash's Pikachu against his Pikachu, Spike. Her disguise pulls through and they ended up battling well against each other before almost getting exposed by Clemont and Bonnie. As she continued the battle, Pikachu and Spike were captured by Team Rocket, by which then Jessie managed to see through her disguise to her dismay. Upon Ash's recovery, she discarded her disguise and commanded her Pokémon to simultaneously attack Team Rocket, who were eventually sent blasting off by Pikachu and Spike in the end. She apologized to Jimmy for deceiving him and invited him to join her and the others for lunch.

In The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, Serena saw on the news that the residents of Lumiose City were still recovering from injuries and decided to ask Professor Sycamore to help host a Pokémon Showcase event. Serena, Shauna, and even Jessilee put up a collaboration performance which made the residents smile and enjoy themselves. By witnessing how everyone started dancing along and smiling, Serena realized how much she actually loves performing and wants to do more. The next day, after saying goodbye to her mother, Ash asked Serena for a battle after seeing her lost in thoughts. Serena agreed as Ash said by battling, she would be able to decide what's next for her. During the battle, Serena was able to work well with Braixen and use her techniques well against Ash's Pikachu. Ash called off the battle and encouraged Serena that she always has her Pokémon by her side and he would be rooting for her. After the battle, Serena called Palermo, making her final answer to reject Palermo's offer. Serena told her seeing how everyone was smiling during her performance earlier that made her want to travel more and make more people smile like Aria and improve her skills. Palermo advised her to compete in Pokémon Contests in Hoenn and Serena happily agreed. After that, she announced to the group that she will be going to visit other regions to further develop her skills as a performer, starting with Hoenn.

Pancham and Fennekin start fighting while training with Serena for their next Pokémon Showcase, and she inadvertently yells at them. However, a person calling herself Ariana offers to teach Serena a thing or two about performance battling. 041b061a72

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